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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4060

Tennis Tournament UNIT 1 GCSE ICT coursework

Extracts from this document...


GCSE Information & Communication Technology PROJECT AQA Syllabus B 3522 Name: Will Jansen Cand. No.: Choosing a project TASK When you have chosen your project, fill in the project proposal below. Remember to delete these grey instructions before you print the proposal. Project title: Aims of project: Input Processing Output A Description of the task to be attempted (3) B Analysis (3) C Specification (3) D Design of the ICT system (4) E Implementation (i) Hardware resources required (2) (ii) Software resources required (2) (iii) Data collection, data capture and input (2) (iv) Data verification and/or validation (3) (v) Data and/or program structures (2) (vi) Output format (3) F Testing (4) G User Documentation (3) H Evaluation (3) J Communication within the report (3) A Description of the task to be attempted Introduction: Describe the business you will be designing the modeling system for and explain what they have asked you to create. Include details about how things are done now. Describe the limitations of the present system. Describe at least two examples "What if" types of question that your spreadsheet model would answer. For this project I am going to be carrying out work for the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) which is the Head of Tennis in the United Kingdom. I have been given the role of organising a tennis tournament for them. The tournament will be held at the Ash-way street garden indoor tennis courts. I have chosen this location because it has the security if it were to rain on the day. I have chosen the date in the summer so the weather is more likely to be better and it is during the main tennis season. Also the age group entering the tournament are going to be on holiday. The Tournament I am going to create will be open for age groups of U12, U14 and U16. I will be finding the costs of balls, how much it will be to enter per event and if there will need to be a limit of players per event. ...read more.


Evaluate my model against the original specification (performance criteria) 9. Write the users guide E Implementation The LTA want me to suggest hardware required to run a model to manage all of the stock required for the tournament. I could either use a Laptop or a Desktop. I believe a Laptop would be more appropriate at the tournament as it is portable so easy to maneuver. A Desktop would be better if I did not need to move it around, because it would be less likely to be stolen; however in this situation I will be using a laptop as I require the portability. I will also need Microsoft Excel to support the model. * Due to using a Laptop I will not require a Mouse or Keyboard as it will have those features built in to the machine. * Processor. The minimum required would be a Pentium 2 with 133 megahertz or higher to be able to run Windows XP or Excel. * Memory is required on the machine to store the project. The minimum memory requirements needed to run multiple windows is, 24mb of RAM plus additional 8mb of RAM for Excel (below Windows XP). 128mb of RAM plus additional 8mb of RAM for Excel. (For windows XP). If your RAM was not big enough the pc would be very slow and would struggle to run the program. * To run Microsoft Excel, a minimum of 140mb of available hard disc space. An additional 115mb is required on the hard drive when the program is installed. If you did not have a hard drive you would not be able to store data on you computer or install new programs such as Excel or Windows XP. * CD-Rom and USB drives. Theses are both required to load up saved information on either a disc or a USB pen drive. Without either of these the only way to retrieve information would be to download it off the internet. ...read more.


The whole system has text labels so that it is easy to see where to input the data. Having the text labels has been successful because it has navigated the user whilst they have been using the system on where to put the data. * System inputs like the amount of players who have entered the tournament must be validated to ensure they are sensible, because if only two people entered it would not be a very successful tournament. All of system inputs are validated to ensure that it is possible to input them. For example, if the user was to enter 4.8 players it will show an error message asking you to re-enter a whole number more that 1. This is because you can not have half a player. Because of this problem range checks have been put in place which stops the user from entering incorrect wrong data. Validation is a very effective way of making sure no mistakes are made. This has been successful as tests have been made which show that the system works. Improving the system I am very please with my current system and i have ran checks and tests to make sure everything is right for the user. The only thing that was missed out was a box saying precisely whether a 'profit' or a 'loss' was made. However I found that this was not necessary in the end anyway due to the fact that it already tells you in the Profit/loss box how much money there is. You would therefore know if you had made a loss because it would be, minus pounds whereas I knew I had made a profit because it was plus pounds. I think that one improvement I could make would be to extend the system so there was a separate menu with more tabs that had different commands such as print, to save the user having to do it manually. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Will Jansen GCSE ICT Modelling Project Candidate No: 2131 South Dartmoor Community College 1 Centre No: 54301 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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