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Tesco plc

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Task 4 Tesco Plc Tesco is a supermarket chain based in the UK but has now also expanded internationally. It originally specialised in food groceries but has extended their retails into areas such as clothing and household goods. It has also branched out into areas such as consumer financial services, different types of insurances and telecommunication. It is the largest retailer in the UK as well as being the third largest globally with profits exceeding �2 billion. Tesco took advantage of the new technology and started an Internet shopping service. Every product available in store such as food, beverages, home, clothing, telecommunications and finance, are also offered online. The website has a search facility where products can be typed in and results will be received within seconds which saves a great deal ...read more.


Although shopping in Tesco online has a lot of advantages, it also has drawbacks which include customers' preferences on the products. A lot of people still want to check the items before they purchase them such as the ingredients/ contents or freshness of the food, the right size, colour and design of clothing items, etc. If some customers are not satisfied with the goods, this causes a hassle of returning them and this might put them off from buying online. Another issue that concerns the disadvantage of online shopping is the delivery issues where products should be received by the customers in their top condition as soon as possible. Most deliveries are done according to areas depending on how many households should receive the deliveries. ...read more.


They could also allow other people such as potential customers to access and browse through their products and services even if they have not signed in yet, or even if they are not a member. Doing this can help people who are not familiar with Tesco have a better idea and might also persuade them to shop online. Another factor that they need to improve is their search facility, where they can create an advance search option to show more products of they are looking for. They could also set a page where customers can communicate with each other, share ideas and comments like a new group or forum. I think this will help the company gain more customers that would be able to help them increase their profits. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 34 - E-Commerce BTEC National Diploma for ICT Practitioners (Y1) Sujan Thapa ...read more.

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Response to the question

The report is balanced, and gives a clear number of benefits and drawbacks on their on-line operation. In order to improve, there is a small number of oversights, such as there're isn't any mention of what an 'PLC' is. The ...

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Response to the question

The report is balanced, and gives a clear number of benefits and drawbacks on their on-line operation. In order to improve, there is a small number of oversights, such as there're isn't any mention of what an 'PLC' is. The report mentions that Tesco is now an international business, however fails to state which countries Tesco has expanded to. The report could mention the number of stores in each country, and evaluate how much of Tesco's interests are outside the UK.

Level of analysis

The report discusses how Tesco has moved from Food to other products/services, such as Financial services. However the student doesn't state the reason for this. The student should have made the point, that Tesco is able to provide Financial Services due to that consumer's trust the brand and it's an increased convince for the consumer. The student has explained how Tesco's on-line search bar, allows consumer's to find a product within a few seconds, rather than having to search around the store. This comparison between the online operation and the in-store operation is highly advantaged and will gain high marks. Overall, the report does list a number of benefits, although the report is balanced. As the report explains how consumer's, may want to visit a store to check the dates on food and a number of other reasons. This is quite in-depth and detailed.

Quality of writing

The report could have an screenshot of Tesco's on-line website, as this would provide the reader with a visual view of the student's report along with some annotations to describe the main features of the website. The title is 'Tesco PLC', however what does that title mean? 'PLC' means Public Limited Company, however the student hasn't stated this in the report. This would be in-putted to achieve higher marks.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 18/02/2012

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