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Tesco Report: "One Team Around The World"

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Report Reviewing Professional Documents Tesco Report: "One Team Around The World" It is a report for Tesco. It is meant for showing an adult audience of investors how many stores Tesco has around the world. It tells the reader how Tesco is expanding world-wide. This document uses a number of presentation features. It is very formal and factual. There are two different types of charts used, firstly a stacked bar chart to show improvements over a number of years stacked bar chart shows the different areas of the world that Tesco has stores at the same time. Secondly, pie charts show the current situation of different aspects such as the number of employees in the UK, Asia and Europe. The line spacing changes a number of times through out the document. In the introductory paragraph the lines are on at least double spacing, whereas on the table the line spacing is single. To produce this high quality document you would have to use a spread sheet program such as Microsoft Excel to produce the graphs, charts and tables. Also a desktop publisher for the smart layout may have been used. The makers of this document would have use large monitors so they could see the whole thing at once. ...read more.


Under this is a text box with the date and issue number in. Then there are two articles, the first of which has two quite big photos with a caption thanking The Citizen. Both articles have a few sentences in bold out lining the contents of the piece. At the bottom of the page, there is a box with a thick border telling the reader what's inside the issue. The document does what it sets out to quite well. The document is easy to read and is very informative. The diction is angled towards the older generation. To improve it, I would standardise all the text to one font and align all of the heading to the centre. To improve it I would put both articles into columns. Year of the Teacher Review The document is a PowerPoint Presentation about the "Year of the Teacher". It is aimed at school pupils aged between 11 and 16 year olds. It is designed to tell the pupils how some of the teachers at Deer Park got into teaching. It is meant to promote the Year of the Teacher scheme. On each slide of the presentation there is a photo of the teacher as a child as well as a recent photo of them teaching and a quotation in a speech bubble. ...read more.


The software that may have been used to produce this document may have included a Desktop Publishing or a word processing package to draft the text and lay out the template. They may also have used a graphical editing program to design the logo. A spread sheet program would have been used to store the customers names and addresses that needed to be merged. The hardware that may have been used to produce a document like this one would have been a monitor, processor, mouse keyboard and, judging by the font and the perforated paper, a dot matrix printer. Dot matrix printers are very fast, cheap and reliable so they are good for printing letters such as this despatch note. However, they are very noisy. The document is clearly laid out so you can see each section. For example the amount to pay has a different colour around it. And it puts each part into a different box to keep every thing separate, so it's easy to see the part you want to look at. The document shows what it needs to show without looking to complicate and confusing. To improve it, Maplins could put the total price in a larger font so it is easier to see. Game website evaluation ...read more.

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