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The acronym ICT stands for Information and Communication technology. ICT is the basis of technology, and is ever-changing, but how does this affect the individual?

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The effects of ICT on the individual The acronym ICT stands for Information and Communication technology. ICT is the basis of technology, and is ever-changing, but how does this affect the individual? There are five main Categories that will be addressed in this report, those are: * Internet(World Wide Web, Email, Messenger, Chat Rooms) * Communication(Mobile Phones, Video Phones, Video Conferencing) * Entertainment(Games Consoles, MP3 Players, iPods, Digital TV) * Mobile Access (Laptop, PDA, WAP) * Data Capture(Digital Camera, Voice Recorder, Video Camera, Scanner) The Internet The Internet is a global phenomenon of interconnected computer networking that connects millions of people from all edges of the world. It is used for a variety of functions, the main being the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is a hub of online websites, and the WWW allows users to browse freely between those websites. Each website has an individual address, starting www. The World Wide Web has many advantages. ...read more.


The internet is also a hub for viruses; viruses disrupt the normal functioning of a computer system, and can cause computer-owners a lot of grief and time trying to get rid of them. A final disadvantage of the internet is spamming. Spamming is currently illegal in the United Kingdom, however still frustrate the computers of millions of people. Spamming refers to the use of bulk, unwanted electronic messages, whether it is through Email, delivery, or through advertising media. Though there are many disadvantages to the Internet, there are many more advantages which far outweigh these, and with this in mind, I believe the internet to be a fantastic resource. Communication The use of technology to communicate has been ever-growing since the first phone was created back in 1877. 134 years on from that, we are in an era where a study by The Telegraph newspaper shows that there are 1.8 mobile phone handsets, for every person in the United Kingdom. ...read more.


Another disadvantage of mobile phone use is it can invade your privacy. Some people use their mobiles to track other people a bit too often, and it can become annoying and border-line harassment. Also in an age of cyber-bullying amongst teenagers, it can make the life of a young person quite unbearable. Lastly I believe the biggest advantage of Mobile phone use, is also the biggest disadvantage: Safety. Mobiles can provide a degree of safety which has not been applicable to previous generations. If you are in trouble, you can easily notify somebody using your mobile phones. Many mobiles also have GPS devices, which can help if you're lost. In opposition to this those carrying mobile phones, may be more prone to robberies as they are carrying items that others desire. They can also be dangerous as they could increase the risk of brain tumours, and other diseases. Entertainment Technological entertainment has become a 21st century revolution. 80% of homes own a third generation games console (Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3). ...read more.

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