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The advantages of Internet

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Advantages of Internet Most of us know the advantages that the internet gives people quite a lot. The internet also provides a huge amount of information and services, along with utilities and applications very efficiently. The first, when using the internet, you can send email so much faster than regular letter by a postal. You can also chat with many people at once, very fast and convenient. With the internet, you not only chat with many people at the same time though where they are in the world, but also make friends quickly and easily by using the social networking website or connect Yahoo's tools, etc. ...read more.


In addition, you can read, copy and save information what you want. Add another one of the internets is you can touch with someone, talk directly and looking to the images of the connected user with you in Webcam (provided that they also use Webcam). Another thing is equally important, that the internet is an ideal entertainment store for you. With the internet, you can listen to music, playing games, watching movies, reading comics, novels or magazines, even self - recording your own voice. ...read more.


You can learn a lot of things from teaching or self - study website. Besides, you can also accrue valuable experience as well as useful information from the forum or the website. Thanks to that, you can improve your thinking ability and the necessary skills, such as communication, how to work effectively, and so on. Not only that, you can also use the utility softwares as photoshop, translation, or graphics, and etc. In summary, the internet has played an important role in human life. Perhaps, would not have imagined in a future date, we live and work without internet. ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is the bare minimum for a student to pass. The report does lack alot of detail, and these points would need to be developed and explained in further detail. There is little detail on how consumer's ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is the bare minimum for a student to pass. The report does lack alot of detail, and these points would need to be developed and explained in further detail. There is little detail on how consumer's can purchase a number of products/ services on-line. Ideally this will need to be another section and explained.

Level of analysis

The report mentions how using e-mails can often be faster than via Royal Mail using letter. However the report doesn't state why, this may be simple but this isn't mention within the report. For example, the report could state 'Letters could arrive within 24 hours, using Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day. However this is both expensive, and this is till slower than an e-mail.' The above would show the examiner that the advantages and disadvantages of using e-mails opposed to using letters. This would be an overview of this, stating why using e-0mails is more effective. The report doesn't mention any case studies, for example the student could mention a website such as BBC Bitesize for their education section. Although the report doesn't mention this. This will needed to be added to achieve a high mark.

Quality of writing

The student uses the term 'library', however I don't think this is correct. The interent isn't a library and this term shouldn't be used within the report. Instead, the report should focus on how information can be found on the internet witrh ease.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 24/02/2012

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