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The Call.

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THE CALL "All I'm asking for is a simple, attention-seeking advertisement! If you prefer, I can pay you a deposit straight away and once this bank gets up and running, I'll send over the rest by cheque." By that time, Clive Green, a thirty-eight year old bachelor, was beginning to get slightly frustrated with his childhood friend. "No, it's okay," shouted Carl over the roar of busy workers and machines in his workplace. "You can pay me a lump sum later on. For the time being I'll just make sure the billboards read: 'Empire Banking Corporations. The world's first-class international bank with low interest rates. Open an account before the 31st of August and enter our grand prize-draw!' Shall I include that the first prize is a luxury mansion in the Bahamas?" "That'll be just fine. There's no need for too much detail, though. Interested customers can log onto our web site." And with that, Clive returned the handset to its base and breathed a long sigh of relief. At last he was getting somewhere. He got out of his chair and stepped towards a portrait, which hung on the wall behind his desk. Directly opposite this were long, immaculate windows; those that you would find in a recently constructed building. They faced Big Ben in the heart of Central London. ...read more.


The bank is currently at a major loss. The prize-draw competition is just a way to "pull" the public "in" and the safety of money is not guaranteed. I suggest we, as members of the public, regard this matter seriously and take immediate action upon it. Empire Banking Corporations DO NOT have the right to gimmick their target audience into such a bizarre idea and the time has arrived for us all to speak up for ourselves! There are, obviously, plenty of other banks to choose from in cities everywhere. Which would we rather have; security of our money or hope to win a so-called prize-draw, which may not even exist? Remember, folks, Empire is at risk and MAY go entirely bankrupt, before we know it! It's never too late to ACT! Thanking you for your cooperation and understanding. Yours truly, Corey French, London, United Kingdom. Former customer of Empire Banking Corporations. Satisfied, Ray clicked on the 'send' button on his web page. Within a couple of seconds a confirmation appeared, notifying him that the e-mail had been delivered to a gigantic list of e-mail addresses. It had surely taken him a long time to type them all out, but Ray felt certain that his efforts would soon pay. He smiled, contentedly to himself. ...read more.


Therefore, I would be very grateful if you could locate me of your husband's whereabouts as I have placed charges against him." "This is absolutely ridiculous!" Elaine shouted at the top of her voice. "My husband is a decent, respectable chairman who is well recognised in this society. He has been framed! You cannot just make false allegations!" "That will have to be dealt with in court," Detective Carter replied calmly. "But why would -" She stopped, abruptly, in her tracks and stared at the amazingly shiny front door, wide-eyed. The lock gradually turned and through the door strolled Ray. That, same instant, the detective swung round and tied both Ray's hands together with cuffs. "I am arresting you, Mr. Ray Atlee, under fraud section 420. You do not have to say anything but anything you do wish to say, may be used in court." Ray was speechless. The dark hairs on his arms stood on end as he swallowed hard and almost choked. His wife was sobbing on the porch, looking helpless. Outside, Clive smirked at his rival and said smugly to Ray, "You lost everything. I went bankrupt, too, but at least I have a life!" Overnight, the tabloids, broadsheets and news channels were streaming with incorrect information as to why Atlee was charged. The bankruptcy of two prestigious banks was so difficult to believe, it had become a joke! Everyone kept their money securely, at home, and enormous companies were falling downhill worldwide. "I'm sorry father. I lost." ...read more.

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