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The Design Brief - The company is a car hire company called Citicar.

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Evaluation The Design Brief The company is a car hire company called Citicar. Customers are offered a range of cars to hire. It's based in England and has branches in various cities such as London and Manchester. Customers can choose the model of car, requirements like what they'll be using it for, whether they'll need air conditioning and how long they'll need it for. At the moment the public can't search the website and have to ring the company or go to the office/shop where they can find the type of car they require and receive help from the staff. The company is currently paper based and is full of filing cabinets. I have to solve the company's paper-based problem by designing them a system that is easy to use for customers and staff using a database. Also with a database the customers should be able to access it on the Internet saving them trouble of going down to the Citicar shop. When the system is completed it will make things quicker and more efficient for the company. Data will be easy to reach and can be got to quickly. Customers will be happier with the increased accessibility of the company and being able to search for exactly what they are looking for quickly. ...read more.


I did this by getting as much feedback as possible so I could change and improve parts of my design. Some users wanted different things so I have done my best to include most things I thought important to users without making it too complicated. I made a couple of questionnaires to get comments on things I should change or improve. I found this feedback very important to help me find out what users want. Results of Testing As a result of my testing I have discovered only a few faults. One fault was in the field size category for the gender field in the customer details table. Also as a result of my testing I realised I had made several spelling mistakes, which I corrected. How I tested my design I tested my design by running a number of different tests I had planned out with predictions of what should happen. I entered false data to see if it prompted me to correct it. I entered loans to test the relationships and checked my validation rules. To test the whole database I got 5 users to give it a trial run accompanied with a user guide. ...read more.


At the end of my project I spell checked every thing to make sure I hadn't made any careless mistakes. I found quite a few but corrected them. Limitations and Improvements There are a few factors that have limited my design, and there are possible improvements, which could be made. I feel I could have improved the design if I had more time. If I'd had extra time, I would have got more feedback from users and more raw data. I could have tested it in much greater detail therefore improving the system. With a greater number of people's comments and improvement suggestions the system would have satisfied a greater number of users, satisfying more users. The software I used I found using Microsoft Access relatively easy once I had got the hang of it. It is much more appropriate than some other database programs I could have used for this particular project. The wizards and help makes it clear to understand. The forms and reports present data in a clear and easy to understand way saving me from having to design them in Word. Microsoft Access is compatible with programs such a s Microsoft word making it easy to carry out tasks such as producing a mail merge letter to send to customers. Some of the users found things like the setting out of the tables confusing and preferred forms. ...read more.

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