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The Dewey Decimal Classification System

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The Dewey Decimal Classification System. Classification has a system within it that organises knowledge. There is a system of symbols known as notation and this represents the classes in a classification system. The notation is expressed in Arabic numerals in the case of the Dewey Decimal System. It does not matter what words are used to describe subjects the notation will give a unique meaning of the class and say its association to other classes. The notation has the ability to identify the class within which the subject belongs and related classes. The classes get identified and have linked classes found by using a universal language, which is provided by the notation. ...read more.


Dewey was born in December 10 1851. His family were poor and lived in a small town upper New York State. Later on he cut his name to Melvil dropped his middle names and for a short time even spelt his last name as Dui. Dewey died in 1931. The ten main classes are as follows: 000 = Generalities, 100 = Philosophy, Paranormal Phenomena, Psychology, 200 = Religion, 300 = Social sciences, 400 = Language, 500 = Natural sciences and mathematics, 600 = Technology (Applied sciences), 700 = The arts Fine and decorative arts, 800 Literature (Belles-Lettres) and rhetoric and 900 = Geography, History and Auxiliary disciplines. Principally a classification system has been used to create an order out of knowledge. ...read more.


After the library of congressed moved to a new building after the old one burnt down, they noticed that they needed a new system. The Dewey Decimal Classification System contains a comprehensive index. The Dewey Decimal System calls this a Relative Index. It arranges terms alphabetically and links them to the disciplines in which they appear in the schedules. The Dewey Decimal Classification System was an immediate success and by the end of the 19th century was the most popular system to be used. Melvil Dewey founded the American library association and began publication of the library journal in 1876. He became chief librarian of Columbia University in 1883 and established the first school of library there in 1887. From 1889-1906 he served as director of the New York state library. Dewey died from a stroke in December 26th 1931. ...read more.

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