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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1514

The effects of ICT on the individual

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´╗┐Categories of Technology 1. Internet e.g. email, websites, messenger, chat rooms 2. Communication e.g. mobile phone, video phone, video conferencing, information points 3. Entertainment e.g. games console, MP3 player, digital TV 4. Mobile access e.g. laptop, PDA, Wi-Fi, WAP 5. Data capture e.g. digital camera, voice recorder, scanner 6. Financial transactions e.g. ATM, EPOS, smart card Internet How the Internet Is Used The internet is used in many different ways such as; communication, finding information, publishing, commerce and for online learning. The most widely used facilities on the internet are; The World Wide Web (WWW), electronic mail (e-mail), newsgroups, chat and publishing. The web is the most popular and fastest growing part of the internet. It provides easy access to a vast range of information stored on computers all over the world. E-mail allows people to send messages from one computer to another almost immediately. It is widely used and has become an alternative to the conventional letter post, the fax, and telephone. Newsgroups are discussion groups that usually focus on one particular subject and therefore enable people with common interests to communicate. Chat is similar to a telephone conversation, except people type instead of talk. ...read more.


Computers attached to the internet are more prone to virus attacks. Entertainment How Entertainment Is Used Entertainment is used in several ways such as games consoles, MP3/4 players and digital TV. Games consoles are used as entertainment by playing games, watching movies, surfing the web and listening to music. MP3 players are used as entertainment by listening to music. MP4 players are used as entertainment by watching video clips, looking at pictures and listening to music. Digital TV is used for entertainment by watching TV programmes. Digital TV has over 30 channels to watch. Benefits of Entertainment There are various benefits of entertainment. Entertainment sets peoples minds free, keeps people chilled out, releases stress, and it makes people feel happy. Entertainment is fun and keeps people occupied for long amounts of time. You can also use entertainment anywhere in the world as you can watch movies, play games and much more on mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPods and tablets. Disadvantages of Entertainment There are some disadvantages of entertainment as people can get carried away watching a movie, playing a game on a games console or listening to music using a MP3 player can make people late to appointments and meetings. ...read more.


Data capture is used in different ways such as taking pictures with a digital camera, recording a conversation using a voice recorder, scanning a barcode using a barcode scanner and copying a photo or document using a scanner. Benefits of Data Capture Data capture is a great way of capturing memories by taking photos using a digital camera. It is also a great way for people who are in a meeting and need to remember what was said in the meeting, people can do this by using a voice recorder. Data capture is also very helpful in shops as products can be scanned for a barcode using a barcode scanner. Another benefit of data capture is that if a backup of a printed photo or document is needed then it can be backed up by using a scanner. Disadvantages of Data Capture Some data capturing devices may not capture data properly for instance a voice recorder may stop recording randomly or the device may not record properly causing voices recorded to be muffled. Another disadvantage may be that barcode scanners in shops may not be updated properly so some product barcodes can?t be scanned as they won?t appear on the system. Unit 8: AO1- The Effects Of ICT On An Individual ...read more.

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