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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 11780

The end user of my program is for the people applying for the insurance their private cars the information will not be seen by

Extracts from this document...


The end user of my program is for the people applying for the insurance their private cars the information will not be seen by them but details will be passed through to the telephone assistant who is the main end user. The information that is proposed to the present user is going to be on screen for the telephone assistant and in the form of a confirmation for the customer applying for the insurance. The methods of reproductions that are going to be used is the mail merge that is going to link the onscreen info inputted by the telephone assistant to a written word statement that will be merged into the current customers details, the copies that will be needed depends on the customers request for a backup copy of the conformation form but is essential that the Hawks company print one copy for the customer and save a copy for future references the copies will be needed if it is ever required to check up on the customers or for the Hawks company to receive the rest of their remaining balance from that customer. The only data that will change the outcome of the price is if the customer has changed their current Car, their address or chooses to change their current car cover plan. The current system will cost the company a lot of money because at the moment customers forms are taking over 30 half an hour to complete this means more telephone staff are required which means more wages need to paid, also customer forms can easily be lost or misplaced this track of the money owed to the company. The system that is running is at the moment done in a small warehouse that has been rented out by the company owner on a paper based system. The benefits of changing the systems are cut down on staff due to forms being made more quickly this will help to cut down on expenditure, this database is also ...read more.


the paper based system being easy to use by any user from the age of 16+ also because of the effiency of this programme only one system has to be installed and it can be used by the whole work force. A logo is not nessacery but due to the fact of customer recognition and the competitions use of logos Mr Doyle has also wished for a logo to be designed and issued on every on of our documentations as a marketing strategy. Fig 2 The company logo in fig.2 is used and will be well known to Hawks loyal customers and as an attraction to other customers in the London region. The Input Sheet: Customer Details All the input screens are provided so that they are very easy for the telephone assistant to see each box, being very bold and having clear white spaces so that they are very easy to verify, they are also large spaces in between the boxes so that it will also be easy for the telephone assistant to be able to just read on the screen. And due to the way Mr Doyle wants to bring new young staff, information tabs were added so that the company do not have to have spent too much time trying to train the new employees. Using a macro the information tab was a link to another sheet called the information sheet which is a simple but effective explanation of what should go in the box every tab being a link to the same page: The information tab is different macro for every single input box but all of them sill has the same functions just a different input emplaced in the information sheet: Macro Shortcut: None Started From: The Input Sheet Started By: Clicking on the Information Tab next to the box Actions: 1. Moves from the input sheet to the Information Sheet 2. ...read more.


The system should then be pasted into the recordable medium. Store the medium in a safe place and back up the system regularly. 10 Troubleshooting This trouble shooting is intended to aid in solving some common problems that may arise when using the application. If more detailed is required pleas press the F1 button on the excel or word to bring up Microsoft help, or technical support can also be called. FAQ's Q I cannot the system started A try install the system again if this does not work the system does not match your computer system. Q I cannot seem to get a correct quote A Make sure that all the information is entered on the input and the edit sheet do not leave any white spaces Q The customer that iam dealing with, their car is not on the system A That is because the information data is limited, inform that we can not continue with the insurance Q the Mail Merge letters seem to be jumbled up when printed on to the hawk's confirmation sheet. A The system has stalled, delete the last person inputted and renter the details this should solve the problem Q why do I get error messages when typing information into some fields? A field either have a validation rule, input mask or they are locked. In this case the rule must be followed, the data entry format followed or data not entered, Depending on which type of field you are accessing. Fields such as ID fields are locked and so cannot be changed at all. Q The confirmation sheets do not print A is the printer Plugged in or set up Q has the data on the system been saved? If it hasn't been saved it will not be present in the mail merge sheet. Therefore repeat the process and made sure the quote is accepted Q None of the above has helped A. press F1 to go to Microsoft access help screen or call technical support on 0240 567 8906. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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