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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1309

The following report clearly outlines and illustrates several design documents and models the theatre booking system in question

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SOFTWARE ENGINEERING ASSIGNMENT 1 Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Assumptions 2 AN ER Diagram for the Theatre System 3 Attribute Analysis 3 Context DFD 4 Level One DFD 5 Data Dictionary Elements 5 Data Dictionary/ Data Flows 6 Pseudo Code for the Level One DFD Above 7 Evaluation 9 Introduction The following report clearly outlines and illustrates several design documents and models the theatre booking system in question. The whole design has been based on the structured systems analysis hence the logical outline of the report. The report includes: > The whole design of the required system as stated by the user. > Clear and proper full documentation of the designed system. * A full-blown ER diagram showing all the entities for the designed system. * Attribute analysis and relational schema for the entities identified * A context and level one data flow diagram for the system in question * A data dictionary showing all the data flows and data stores in the data flow diagram. Assumptions Below is a list of all the assumptions, which have been considered in the design of the system. The design has been based on the given specification and also the following assumption: * Authorisation of credit cards is done out side the system hence it has not been included in the design. ...read more.


authorise payment DiscountID Auto number Primary key DiscountType Text Discount type Percentage integer Allowed percentage TimeAllowed Time Time when discount is allowed AgeGroup Text Age group for discounts PerformanceID Auto number Primary key PerformanceType Text Type of performance type Status Text Fully booked or not StartDate Date Start date for the performance StartTime Time/date Start time for the performance Price Currency Money to be paid PerformanceID Long Integer Foreign key BandId Long Integer Foreign key BandID Auto number Primary key BandName Text Band name (A or B or C) SeatID Auto number Primary key BandId Long Integer Primary key SeatLocation Text Position of seat AccountsID Auto number Account number primary key CustomerID Long Integer Foreign key CreditLimit Integer Allowed credit AccountStatus Text Overdrawn/Not Data Dictionary/ Data Flows Data Flow Description Request booking CustomerID,PerformanceID, Performance name Feed back Status,startDate, StartTime Check customer CustomerType Customer type CustomerID,CustomerName Enquiry Performance type, free seats, status Booking details BookingID,PerformanceID, Date, Time, Description Enquiry details AgencyID,AgencyName,CreditLimit, AuthorisationCode Credit details CreditLimit, CustomerName,AccountID Free seats Status,SeatID,SeatLocation Booked seats Status,SeatID,SeatLocation Allocate price Price,PerformanceID,BandId Add performance PerformanceName,PerformanceType,StartDate,StartTime Discount allocated DiscountID,DiscountType,Percentage,TimeAllowed,AgeGroup Booking details BookingId,CustomerID,PerformanceID,AgencyID,Date,Time Payment Price Price Price Booked details SeatID,Status Receipt Price,BandID,BandName Performance type Category Agency details Agency name, address, account details Agency request AgencyID,AgencyNAme Account number Integer Response Invalid details, Request being processed Request to be registered Agency name, address, account details Update ...read more.


THEN Price = Price + 1 //IF seats are in front the price goes up by 1 ELSEIF seat >= 11 AND seat <= 50 (seats in second and third row) THEN Price = price - 5 ELSEIF seat >= 51 AND seat <= 8 (seats in fourth and fifth row) THEN Price = price -10 IF they are old people THEN Price = price -25 ELSEIF time = last hour before performance THEN Price = price -10 ELSEIF //Confirm booking process and printing ticket If payment confirmed THEN Accept Payment. Confirm booking Get customer booking details and print ticket. //Update performance Log in as a Manager; IF log in successful THEN Open performance table for update. Update the table a; If update Complete THEN Lock the table and Close; Evaluation On the high level of abstraction it can be said that the design is fairly constructive. Some parts of the system have been left out but otherwise it is good enough to be implemented as it is. The implementation will be a direct mapping of the design itself. Some aspects have of course been left out simply because there are so many assumptions to be considered. Not all assumptions have been outlined hence some parts of the design not shown. 1 1 ...read more.

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