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The hardware that Mr. Bob requires should not be too expensive, as the only people to use the computer would be him and his staff.

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Mediator A GCSE ICT Spreadsheet Project. Micheal Cheese Analyse Appropriate hardware/software identified -Intel(r) Core(tm) 2 Duo E7200 processor (2.53GHz, 1066MHz, 3MB cache) -Genuine Windows Vista(tm) Home Premium with Service Pack 1, 32-bit - English -Integrated Intel(r) Graphic Media Accelerator 3100 -3072MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x1024+2x512] -500GB (7200rpm) SATA Hard Drive The hardware that Mr. Bob requires should not be too expensive, as the only people to use the computer would be him and his staff. The computer he will be using is the Dell Twilight 1620 which will be able to cope with Mr. Bob requirements, so the computer is unlikely to crash while Mr. Bob or his staffs are using it. The computer will run Linux Red Hat, which is a free operating system, and Microsoft Excel comes already installed with the latest version. This seems to be a very good idea, as this will save Mr. Bob an estimated �340. Mr. Bob will also be using a keyboard because this hardware will allow him to key in relevant information concerning the member's details, method of payment and booking details. ...read more.


into a computer for use on the website. The rest of the needed information (any server-side information, for example) can be obtained from the internet, since Mr. Bob can easily access and update this information accordingly. Data input Since a majority of information will be entered into the system, it is crucial the information that is entered will be checked and verified to minimise mistakes. The information that will be entered will be in the tables after the system is implemented. Below is a list of the computer input and how it will be verified. When the customers, or staff wants information on an item sold by the store, a member of staff will use there computer to search for the information give to them (e.g. the item name). Once the information is found, all of it will be displayed to the member of staff that requested its; pricing, stock, quantity .etc. The information collected will be typed into the tables and a copy will be printed. By looking through the information the mistakes will circle in red/green pen. After the copies have been looked over, the stakes in the table will be changed. ...read more.


A keyboard may also be attached if needed incase the barcode scanner fails to recognize the item then it will just be typed in, although this will rarely happen. Backup and security The data from the computer will be backed up onto several other machines, which will be locked, so nobody can view them without the master password. This will greatly reduce the chances of the file being lost, or stolen, since there are multiple copies. Also, the files will be set to read-only so, without the password, they cannot be altered. Mr. Bob will keep a copy on a USB memory stick, which he keeps safely locked up in his house. The only person that can alter the file, since it will be password protected, will be Mr. Bob. If somebody tries to edit the spreadsheet, then they will get an error, and a password will be asked for. The password will have to be very secure, and something that Mr. Bob can memorise as to not write down. Also, the files will be "Read Only" (or 644CHMOD), and only a computer admin can alter the permissions of the website. This means that you cannot make changes to the files without consent of the computer (or server) admin. ?? ?? ?? ?? Micheal Chesse 10H ...read more.

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