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the impact of ict in the community

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The Impact Of ICT In my local Community Overview The Bolton area is a very large, developed, local area. It has good communication with the outside world. It is situated in northwest UK close to Manchester, one of UK's major cities. It has easy access to the motorway so nobody is deprived of travel and communication. Here is a map showing how easy the access is to the town: The area which I will focus on in this piece of coursework is shown by the arrow and is in the picture below: The area is well equipped with ICT such as speed cameras traffic lights etc. and is under constant surveillance which minimizes crime and violence. ...read more.


In the private centres they need computers to store data of patients and most of the equipment they used is controlled by ICT. In the hospitals ICT is used in reception aswel as in the wards. In reception it is used to keep records and data. In the wards it is used to entertain the patient and also in the equipment used by the staff. In the ambulances ICT is used in satellite navigation systems which ensure the quickest possible arrival to their destinations. Safety On the roads there are many speed cameras throughout the community. These ensure that drivers stay under the speed limit minimizing injury. There are also speed sensors which tell a driver if they are going over the speed limit and remind them to slow down. ...read more.


But if they carry a cash point card around which can only be used with a pin code then thieves wouldn't have any use of stealing it. Job centre plus Jobcentre Plus is a government agency supporting people of working age from welfare into work, and helping employers to fill their vacancies. We are part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and play a major role in supporting the Department's aim to 'promote opportunity and independence for all through modern, customer-focused services'. (quoted from http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/JCP/Aboutus/index.html) The Jobcentre Plus website provides help for customers in finding jobs and information about benefits to people of working age, training and how to apply for a job. For employers there is information on placing a vacancy with Jobcentre Plus and what Jobcentre Plus services are available to them. ...read more.

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