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The impact of ICT in the local community

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The impact of ICT in the local community Redbridge The London borough of Redbridge is located in greater London. It has a good supply of technology and transport but all of this was possible because of ICT. Without ICT there would not have been an attraction of tourism and business. It now has a wider population than it did before and by day is improving. In this assignment I shall explain a variety of technologies and the uses they brought into the community. I will evaluate the effectiveness of the ICT in meeting the needs of the community. Oyster cards Oyster cards are electronic tickets used on Transport of London and national rail services. The card contains a unique code which the computer detects once you swipe it on an oyster card surface. Oyster cards are widely used in Redbridge. They bring in more tourists and travellers to Redbridge. The oyster card contains an electronic chip which is also used in Malaysia on their 'Touch n go' cards. ...read more.


Another problem is that the mobile phone may freeze or crash suddenly which is bad because if someone is in a bad situation, then they could be in great danger. Some times the phone does not have enough storage and will ask you to delete a few items. Mobile phones have brought great uses to the community as we can all now interact with each other and stay in touch. Electronic article surveillance (EAS) In Redbridge there are many places to shop the most common is the Exchange. To keep safety levels up security alarms are used like EAS. "Electronic article surveillance is a technological method for preventing shoplifting from retail stores or pilferage of books from libraries. Special tags are fixed to merchandise or books. These tags are removed or deactivated by the clerks when the item is properly bought or checked out. At the exits of the store, a detection system sounds an alarm or otherwise alerts the staff when it senses active tags." ...read more.


Another great thing about ATM'S are that everybody has a unique code which means there won't be any mix up. To make sure that ATM's are reliable they undergo a very expensive test. The disadvantages of ATM's are that thieves can use chemicals to break them apart and take all the money out. They can also cause damage to the ATM, this result into a loss for the company. "The first known instance of a fake ATM was installed at a shopping mall in Manchester, Connecticut in 1993. By modifying the inner workings of a Fujitsu model 7020 ATM, a criminal gang known as The Bucklands Boys were able to steal information from cards inserted into the machine by customers." http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/1.05/atm_pr.html This incident goes against the Computer Misuse Act (1998). Overall I think that ICT has very much helped fulfill the needs of the community and has made Redbridge a much better borough to live in. It has benefited the community in many ways and has made Redbridge quite popular. Without ICT we would not have as many facilities we have now. Farhana Rahman ICT and the community - 1 - ...read more.

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