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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 10044

The impact of ICT on a person with special/particular needs

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3C - The impact of ICT on a person with special/particular needs Introduction Over 10% of the world's population suffers from a variety of different disabilities. These different disabilities all hold certain negative effects on each person affecting their ability to work as effectively as their co-workers, understand and comprehend things as easily as others, focus and concentrate on topics at hand or affecting the movement of a part of their body. Out of the thousands of different disabilities out there, all of these have their different negative effect and although not every single disability may do so, the majority of these mental or physical disabilities limit the person's potential and ability to function normally. However, with ICT and the development of technology, these limits have often been conquered to allow people with a certain disability to function to the best of their natural ability allowing them to uphold their position as a normal or even upstanding citizen in the workplace and in everyday life. An excellent example would be Stephen Hawking, one of the most highly redeemed physicist and cosmologist and famously known to the general public all around the world. He suffers from a disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis which essentially attacks and over time critically corrodes all of his neurological functions affecting his motor neurones and damages the cells that have the ability of speaking, walking, breathing, swallowing and general movement of the body. Usually speaking, people with this disease rarely ever live over 10 years after diagnosis. However, Stephen Hawking's case is rare in the sense that not only has he, by far, surpassed this life expectancy but his case also makes for the most protracted case ever documented. His whole body is, as of 2009, almost completely paralysed. However, using technology, he has gone past the restraints of his physical body and was thus allowed to function as a famous and highly prestigious physicist. ...read more.


and Sky digital are not hindered at all by her disability as the use of the remote is quite easy even with Sarah's bad control * If Sarah does have a problem with getting to certain channels, she can easily add channels to her favourites which can be navigated with only the press of one button * Sarah can stay up to date with news events, celebrity gossip etc. with little to no effort * Sarah can entertain herself * Sarah can watch movies, film series, dramas, soaps and many more * She can get channels devoted to certain categories e.g. knowledge, family, children, films * Record programs with Sky+ so she can stay up-to-date * Her television is mounted on a wall and thus she can gain a good view and also move its position via a remote Summary of disadvantages * Costs a hefty sum to maintain Sky digital * TVs can be quite expensive and use a lot of electricity * Due to the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), a TV licence is required. This takes more money * Quite distracting and time consuming * Satellite dish can easily be blocked by problems such as weather Conclusion While it comes at a high price for Sarah altogether, the TV and Sky digital combo is a necessity for Sarah. What Sarah can essentially do for leisure is extremely limited. TV, however, is one of the only things not completely limited. Sarah can watch TV all she wants and does not have to be hindered by her condition. It's her one feeling of being a completely normal person. It's a definite need that is important to Sarah. Without a form of leisure or entertainment, Sarah's life wouldn't have much to look forward to or do. So, although Sarah can be distracted or too consumed into television, she can at least enjoy the time spent doing so. ...read more.


make her able to type easier and faster * Adjustable text size Summary of disadvantages * Can be quite slow * May also be difficult to pinpoint certain keys Conclusion Overall, the on-screen keyboard is what constitutes the ability for Sarah to even use a computer, making it already an extremely important technology. But while it is important, there are lots of rooms of improvement. The speed is quite slow and in reality, Sarah cannot be a successful writer without the assistance of another person typing for her. The keyboard makes Sarah capable of doing her work, but at a slow pace. But this slow pace is also the only one thing which Sarah can feel proud of as she is prideful in the fact that she is trying her hardest to actually work in her condition. The keyboard, however, is much more practical on small-scale things such as Facebook and such. Overall evaluation on what technology does for Sarah As I have investigated, Sarah is hindered a lot in her daily life due to Cerebral Palsy, as it is quite a potent disability. But with technology, she has gotten over a lot of these limits and although she may not be able to do things as easy as a person without the disability, she can still do a lot of things she couldn't have done if it weren't for technology. What has to be noted and kept in mind for people with physical disabilities are also how this affects them mentally. Self-esteem, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, these are all issues that can come from being physically inferior and we need to keep this in mind when providing for a disabled person. Technology helps these people and stops them from feeling so useless. Sarah is a prime example. She is extremely self-conscious about not being a normal person and tries her best with technology to be as normal as she can. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Sadian Choudhury Candidate number: 7027 Leytonstone School 13411 ...read more.

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