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The impact of ICT on an adult in employment

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The impact of ICT on an adult in employment Working Practises Interview The employee that I interviewed was Mr. B Knowles, an ICT coordinator at Barking Abbey School who teaches 5 lessons per week, which includes Year 12 AS level ICT. His duties also include being co-ordinator for the ICT test bed project currently being run at the school. Furthermore he is in charge of setting up and installing ICT test bed resources in all classrooms. Technologies he uses > Internet > E-mail > Laptop Internet The internet is very useful for him while he is at work. He emails others schools concerning test bed issues which arise and also researches different types of ICT hardware and software projects using various search engines. This enables him to find the products available from around the world for the best price and then orders them online which is quick and saves the school money. He also uses the internet to find learning resources for his ICT lessons which help him prepare for the lesson planned. At home he uses the Internet to search for cheap holidays at popular websites such as www.lastminute.com and also to book theatre or concert tickets for himself or his family. ...read more.


are a lot of computer viruses used by Internet vandals, which can spread throughout your computer and corrupt your system and can delete important files. The Internet attracts criminals to credit card fraud, terrorism and paedophilia. Also the cost of using the Internet can be an issue as installing modems for broadband access can be expensive. We tend to rely on the connection or availability and sometimes network failures or other hardware or software difficulties cause problems. E-mail At work Mr Knowles uses it to email teachers and also email various businesses. He can use emails to liaise with other schools including test bed contacts in Durham, etc regarding ICT test bed issues. Emails also give him the ability to send memos, meeting reminders Mr Knowles does not use emailing as much at home. He uses it to find out confirmation of tickets and products brought online. He also uses email and web cam to communicate with his relations in New Zealand. He emails attachments with photos to his brother and emails other friends constantly rather than using telephone which is inconvenient and more expensive. What he used before new technology Before the introduction of emails Mr Knowles use to use the post, using one of the fastest letters posting facilities, royal mail. ...read more.


What he used before new technology Before he used a laptop most f his reports were handwritten which looked unprofessional and corrections or mistakes would mean he would write them out again. His accounts for buying ICT products were done manually using a calculator and his information was drawn by hand on graph paper. What he used after new technology With the technology he is able to type up his reports on Word quickly with less error. He can also do his accounts on the access and completed on the spreadsheet. Advantages Advantages of the introduction of this new technology mean he can work at home with no hassle of having to carry his work on disks and transfer them over email, as a laptop is portable. This means he can complete his work at home, on weekends, in holidays and virtually anywhere. With the Microsoft Access and Word Publisher it means he can type reports and do his accounts with fewer errors and make it look more professional. Disadvantages The main disadvantage of Laptops is that it can be very expensive and is a prime theft item for criminals. Furthermore a laptop is so small and compact it can be easily stolen or damaged. It as has a small keyboard and a touch mouse, which can be annoying. Battery life is very short and has very quick power consumption. ...read more.

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