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The impact of ICT on an adult in employment for mobile and Email

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The impact of ICT on an adult in employment - Mobile and email Email David Smith uses email to send his report to the company that he is working for at the time and to send or receive photographs over the internet. Sending reports over the internet saves a lot of time and is an easier method of communicating than through the post. Before he got the internet he used the post to send the report to the company. One drawback of this was that the file took a long time to print. You have to pay to send the package. The cost of this depended on the weight of the parcel and 80 sheets of paper are not cheap to send. ...read more.


This wastes time that he would otherwise have spent on his report writing. Sometimes whilst using email for work, he has had problems with his ISP (Internet Service Provider) temporarily disabling the service. When this happened he had to wait for the ISP to sort out his connection so that he could send his email to the person that needed the report. This shows that there are sometimes problems with using email to send important documents, although usually email makes sending reports easier and quicker. David Smith also uses email at home for social purposes. He is in a rifle club and receives the results of matches through the post or via email. ...read more.


His mobile phone has helped him become more available to the people who need to contact him all the time. Mr Smith also uses his phone to call his wife and tell her important information whilst he on the move. Before he had his mobile he would have had to find a payphone. This saves time and petrol. As well as working as a Safety Consultant, David Smith also works as an online tutor for a company called RRC business training. Now that he has a mobile phone, he is permanently available to be contacted should his students or clients need to speak to him. If there are times when he does not wish to be contacted, he can turn the mobile phone off or divert all of his calls to a different number via a function on his mobile phone. ...read more.

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