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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4032

The impact of ICT on an adult in employment, including the effect on his/her working style

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3B-The impact of ICT on an adult in employment, including the effect on his/her working style I am writing this essay to determine what the impact of ICT has on an adult in employment, and also the effect on his or her working style. I plan to find out the personal, social and work uses and needs of technologies of an individual, and also evaluate them. The three technologies I will be discussing are: * Email * Digital Camera * Laptop The individual I am going to investigate is Sekukuni Sisulu who is an ICT teacher at Preston Manor High School. His official work hours are from 8.30am to 3.30pm but sometimes he has to work overtime due to some circumstances and ends up going home at 5.00pm. Even after going home he still has to continue to work, he has to plan his lessons for the following day and he also has to do marking. E(lectronic) Mail E-mail is a system for sending and receiving messages electronically over a computer network, through modems using telephone lines, or, through wireless transmissions to anybody around the world who has access to a computer and has their own personal e-mail address. Examples of messengers are: yahoo messenger, windows live hotmail, g-mail. In an e-mail you can send notes, letters and most kinds of files - music, image video, word processing and others. To send e-mails you first need an email address this consists of five parts; * Firstly, the username (e.g. john_smith), this refers to the recipient's mailbox. * Then there is a "@" sign. * Thirdly you have the host name (hotmail, yahoo etcetera) this refers to the mail server this is mainly the company name. * The host name is followed by a dot "." * It is then completed by the domain (com, co.uk, gov.uk etcetera) Advantages There are many advantages to e-mail such as: * You can use e-mail at any time of the day and it will be sent to the preferred destination. ...read more.


How the technology meets his personal needs Mr Sisulu regularly travels abroad and likes to keep pictures of when he travels. The technology meets his personal needs because he is able to take as many pictures as his memory stick allows which is generally 1GB - 2GB, this can take around 500- 600 pictures which is more than enough. He is able to delete any pictures he doesn't want and retake pictures that didn't come out properly. He can then share his photos with family when he comes back from his holidays and he can download them onto his computer and even print them out on photo paper if he wishes to keep some pictures in his photo album. He can also take pictures of himself for his job applications or for passport photos where he can print them off with his colour printer which would save time and money instead of going to a picture booth. Evaluate Personal Needs The digital camera meets Mr. Sisulu's needs very well because he is able to take pictures whenever and wherever he needs to he is also able to print and delete pictures which he doesn't want at no extra costs. Ways that it could be made better are that it should support Bluetooth so you can send pictures directly to phones or computers without the use of wires, also it is quicker to put onto a phone rather than uploading it onto a computer and then putting it on the phone by connecting wires/ inserting memory cards. Social Needs Mr Sisulu uses his camera socially in many ways as well. He goes out with his friends regularly and likes to take pictures of the parties e.t.c he goes to. He also uses the digital camera to put the photos he has taken and puts them onto social networking websites such as facebook and myspace. How the technology meets his social needs Firstly, Mr Sisulu goes to night clubs with his mates where he can capture ...read more.


He needs to carry on working at home because he gets a lot of coursework, exams and homework to mark. How the technology meets his needs Mr Sisulu is able to work from home because he can work from his laptop. He can access his files from home because he has a USB Pen Drive which he takes to school everyday so he can save any files that he needs to take home. When he does get home he doesn't stop working he continues to work on his laptop; planning lessons for the next day, marking work and other things, this is helpful because he can finish any incomplete work. He also takes the laptop itself to school whenever he has something to show that the school computers don't support such as specific software. Evaluate Work Needs The laptop meets Mr Sisulu's needs very well as he is able to continue doing his work at home which is essential as he has deadlines to meet in marking, lesson planning, e.t.c. A way that it could be made better so that it could meet more of his work needs is that it should be able to connect to the school computer network like the people who work from home, this would make it easier because he could save his work on his account on the school computer and then go home and open his account and carry on working instead of putting all files on a USB which sometimes don't have enough memory to save files. Working Styles The laptop has changed Mr Sisulu's working style a lot because before everything was done on computers and wasn't mobile but now he has access to a computer whenever and wherever he needs it. Before he was only able to do work when he had a desktop and those had to be connected to a power supply all the time to work and they are simply too big to take around everywhere. So, the laptop has changed all that because now he can continue doing work anywhere with great ease. Jayen Raghvani 10o Unit 3b ...read more.

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