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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4467

The impact of ICT on an adult in employment. The work of an Atif Ajaib, a teacher at Leytonstone School, is an example of how ICT has greatly impacted on the old work methods of teaching into a more efficient way, using various different technologies.

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3B - What I have to do The impact of ICT on an adult in employment Introduction The advancement of technology has allowed many long and arduous tasks to be performed in the blink of an eye, or more appropriately, with the click of a mouse or the press of a key. So using this technology in employment allows work to be completed much more efficiently and thus, ICT has spread and is used in most types of work But how is ICT used, how has it helped, and how has it changed or impacted on an adult in employment? The work of an Atif Ajaib, a teacher at Leytonstone School, is an example of how ICT has greatly impacted on the old work methods of teaching into a more efficient way, using various different technologies. Mr. Ajaib, like many other teachers, uses lots of different types of technology. These technologies help create a greater and easier way of learning for the students, helping them gain more out of their education, whether by involving them more, using different methods of teaching or applying more direct ways of learning. So, as you should be able to see, technology has helped a lot in Mr. Ajaib's job of teaching. How they use ICT at work Examples of technology used Personal computer A simple computer goes a long way in procuring different uses and making the use of technology much more proficient; the term 'simple' in fact is a complete misdemeanour in describing a computer as it is anything but simple. The uses can range to storing movies, documents and music to browsing the innumerable amount of data on the world wide web to get hold of information about most, if not, anything. But the World Wide Web is a different form of technology and the computer is simply used as a medium to connect to the internet. ...read more.


Resources used for email include hotmail, googlemail, yahoo mail and lots of others. Online storage: You can also backup files online using storage sites such as megaupload, rapidshare, mediafire etc. Backing up online is much more efficient than backing up on a separate hard drive, USB drive, CDs and other physical data storage devices. Backing up online allows Mr. Ajaib to have a spare copy online. While physical devices can be harmed, lost or become corrupted, online storage devices are kept safe and protected on their respective sites. But the internet can also have a lot of problems. Becoming too reliant and dependant on the internet can cause a lot of problems. For Mr. Ajaib, if he plans his lesson around the internet i.e. a video on YouTube and YouTube is suddenly closed for maintenance, the internet loses connection, the video simply buffers for too long, all of these can cause the lesson to waste away and for Mr. Ajaib to be unsuccessful in receiving his need to teach the class successfully. Viruses can leak from the internet causing more serious problems; loss of data, such as all of Mr. Ajaib's work; identity fraud, keyloggers and other such viruses can easily penetrate a novice user's system without them knowing and then use it to steal stuff such as credit card details, address, bank pink etc; and simple loss of connection. How they use ICT at home and socially But as well as ICT used in class, Mr. Ajaib also uses technology at home to ease home life. Whether he may use it for leisure, pleasure, entertainment or socialising, ICT has many different purposes for use at home. Mobile Phone (BlackBerry) The BlackBerry is a smart phone with a whole variety of functions; the ability to use an e-reader, store and play different types of media, call people, video call people, message and picture message people, connect to a Wi-Fi or a BlackBerry connection, connect to other BlackBerry phones with the BlackBerry messenger and a whole other variety of features. ...read more.


Nintendo DS is simply the original model, often referred to unofficially as the 'Nintendo DS phat'. As well as all the other models, it is used to play Nintendo DS games and has two screens-the bottom one providing interactivity via a touchscreen. The DS naturally comes with a stylus. Compared to more later models, it has a blocky appearance and is quite large compared to the sleek figure of the DS lite. The DS lite is a much more efficient product than the DS lite. It has a slim design and can easily fit into pockets. It comes in different colours unlike the original DS. It also has a longer battery life and a brighter screen. The DSi was made with a few new features. It contains two cameras-one on the back and one on the front. These can be used alongside the new apps that the DSi comes with. The DSi XL was made for those with larger hands and has a much bigger build. It generally holds the same qualities as the DSi but varies in its large size. Overall, the DS is a handheld console perfect for playing with the family. Mr. Ajaib can enjoy playing with his daughters using the LAN to connect to other local DS consoles in range. It can be used as time with the children but it can also be used to play competitively or just for fun alone. The Wi-Fi capabilities also lets Mr. Ajaib play with people all over the world. Overall, the DS provides a whole lot of interactive fun using the touchscreen and is ideal for all ages due to the range of games. So, Mr. Ajaib, despite apparently being a mature adult, can still enjoy playing the DS and even use it as family time or just to play in general with friends. The interactivity it provides is a breath of fresh air compared to usual products. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Sadian Choudhury Candidate number: 7027 Leytonstone School 13411 ...read more.

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