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The Impact of ICT - the advantages and disadvantages of different types of ICT

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The Internet This software is a program that allows people to stay in contact and complete processes otherwise un-doable. It was originally made so American scientists could communicate across the country with ease. This has affected billions, with over 1 quarter of people having access to it. Advantages - Easy information access - Many applications for everyone Disadvantages - Unsecured, and some information false - Easy for fraudsters. Television- Television is a method of sending and receiving visual and aural data. People also use CCTV (closed circuit television) to capture the aforementioned. TV has been used and advanced since the late 1930s. Advantages - Many attachments for it. - Advanced and is a worldwide used product Disadvantages - Can be very pricey - Peoples lives revolve around it. iPod iPods are MP3 players made by the computing company, Apple. They are much higher in price than other MP3s, possibly because of the brand and compatibility of the products. Now there are so many of this specific brand, from the 'nano shoots video' campaign advertising the new iPod Nano, to 'the funnest iPod ever', the new iPod touch with it's massive selection of games and applications. ...read more.


- New operating systems easier to navigate Disadvantages - If data is not backed up it may note be secure - There are many compatibility issues with computers Games Consoles Games consoles are widely used computers that are designed to play programs of a specific nature. These are usually made for leisure although the newest generation of games consoles are also based around social interaction. The Xbox 360, for example, has Facebook, Twitter and their own network of friends (Xbox Live) in which you can now talk, watch TV, and play games on with friends. * Advantages - Games are relatively cheap considering lifespan - Plug in a few wires and you are online! Disadvantages - Can potentially damage eyes if played too much - Shooting games can influence young children. USB pen drives Universal Serial Buses are data storage and transference devices. They can hold any format of data, but are usually limited to holding 2 to 10 gigabytes of data. ...read more.


There are very few blank spots in the world but they are there! There are about 6 Billion mobiles in the world, which means that 6/7 of the people in the world own a mobile. Advantages - It is more efficient, as you can call from anywhere instead of just your house. - If you are in an accident, you can call 999 from anywhere. Disadvantages - They heat the water in your brain, which can damage you. - Reception isn't worldwide. Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows is an Operating System that is publicly available worldwide. It is the most successful Operating System family in the world. The newest addition to the family is Windows 7. This went on sale on 22 October 2009. It is used in the aforementioned Computers. Advantages - Everyone (virtually) uses it. - Easier than most other OS. Disadvantages - Newer ones are a lot less compatible. - Many flaws present, and for a large cost. Wii Xbox 360 PS3 73.97 million 41.7 million 38.1 million *= Sales of recent video games consoles Sales are as of 2010 ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 4 Assignment A2 By Bryn Roberts 10L ...read more.

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Marked by teacher Ivor Borkin 22/04/2012

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