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The Impact of the Way You Do Things At Home and at School/college. ICT has affected the way in which people go about their daily lives, for exampleThe Internet

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Applied I.C.T Unit 3(a) The Impact of the Way You Do Things At Home and at School/college. ICT has affected the way in which people go about their daily lives, for example The Internet Customers have a wide range of products and services to choose from. Customers have access to businesses all over the world. They can buy products on-line easily and have access to a range of Internet only special offers. The internet allows people to have video conferences and communicate. The internet has many other uses such as E-mail, downloading music, getting the latest news, on- line shopping, booking holidays, paying bills, chat rooms, discussion forums and much more. Mobile phones Mobile phones are very convenient and are used for contacting people on the move, personal security, including alerting emergency services. You can use text messaging to contact people without disturbing them or others. ...read more.


and organisers; storage media, e.g. DVD, minidisk; touch screen technologies. ICT is used in many community activities, including Cyber caf�s and other public access points e.g. public libraries, on-line discussion forums, e.g. interest and pressure groups, lobbying Information services, e.g. museums, libraries. Finding a venue Public transport and travel information e.g. arranging itineraries Satellite positioning systems (GPRS) used in outdoor pursuits e.g. Sailing ICT has affected the islands way of doing business including how all sectors of the economy do business using ICT. How in turn this affects/benefits customers, and how the effect of the speed with which transactions can be done benefits both businesses and customers For example customers buying from home - online shopping and banking, comparing products and services such as travel, financial products, online auctions; technical services - customised databases, security; call centres and customer enquiries; Advertising and marketing. ...read more.


The changes that ICT brings to this group in society mirrors changes that the industry brings to other user groups, such as schools and colleges, rural groups and official agencies. ICT has changed work styles on the island and its visitors. For example, the places in which people work - where people work and how business practice has changed. People's work patterns - use of e-mail, mobile phones, laptops has also changed. ICT skills and training employees require - specialist ICT packages, new technology. The way people interact at work - ICT affects communication between people, e.g. using e-mails instead of talking directly to each other. The types of jobs available - e.g. ICT has automated many traditional jobs from office work to manufacturing and has created other specialist jobs such as website designers, software and hardware engineers. Despite many of the possibilities that ICT could offer, the changes are often less than predicted by ICT specialists. ?? ?? ?? ?? Homework Ibrahim Dan Hammed 10BA 04/05/2007 ...read more.

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