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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3520

the impacts of ICT

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1.3 Life in the Information Age ICT has changed the way we live our lives. It affects everyone from professionals to working class people. ICT has created a different lifestyle for students, professionals, social life personal/everyday life. ICT can become a way of earning money to just being a source of entertainment. I will discuss the impacts of ICT through: * Entertainment and Leisure * Communication * Education * Banking and Shopping * Employment Opportunities Entertainment and Leisure We will look at way in which the way we entertain ourselves has changed. Music ICT takes part enormously when it comes to entertainment and leisure. Music used to be played in large black discs which would spin 45 laps per minuite. CDs finally came in the 90's. CD's in the early 90's could not be copied. CD-RW did not exist then so everybody would buy original copies of CD's, which was good for music industries, because to get hold of music you would have to buy the CD. The CD-RW was invented in the late 90's and everyone copied CD's and began to sell them for cheaper prices than original CDs. Economy for music industries went on a downfall. By then the Internet was something worth a lot and not many people had it. You could then share music with people all over the world through the Internet and then put it on CD. So we can see how ICT was having an impact on music. MP3 Players allows downloading music from their computer and are smaller than the palm of your hand. The first MP3s were invented in 1999. They could take about 128mg, to 512mg. Now in 2006 an MP3 can hold up to 60GB worth of songs. The bigger the memory the more amount of music it can take. Almost everyone has the Internet from working class people to professionals in the UK. ...read more.


If people completely stop buying original CDs then artist wont be able to produce music because artists need the money that us customers spend in their music to pay for new productions, sound systems etc... Analysis for Entertainment and Leisure ICT has not turned into boring people. It has just found ways to improve the ways of entertainment that we have always been living. Communication Communicating through ICT means getting in touch with someone or many people. It means you can share ideas or share files. The use of e-mail, mobile phones and instant messaging are examples of communication thanks to ICT. E-mail E-mailing is free. It is reliable and you can send things that you would never send in a real post such multimedia. You can communicate to people worldwide for free. So if you want to constantly communicate with someone overseas then there is no problem. You won't be paying so much anymore to call overseas. You can send and receive e-mails from anywhere where there is Internet. Mobile Mobile phones can include video calling. Video calling makes two people look at themselves live as they are talking on the mobile with each other, thanks to the camera installed on mobile phones. Mobile phones can play music, which is good, as you can use them as MP3s and a way of entertainment. They can send text messages and receive them, which is good if you just want to express a short phrase to the other person Some mobiles contain Bluetooth and Infrared. Bluetooth is a short distance wireless voice and data communication between digital devices, which are currently connected by cable. Infrared is a beam that connects to any digital devices, it is also short distance and cable free like Bluetooth. Mobile phones have become a necessary possession by people of all age groups. Young children of 8 years of age possess one and have it as a way of fashion. ...read more.


Employment opportunities A country can benefit of ICT as a whole if the country has a successful IT industry. Every citizen can gain from the economic benefits that it brings because it provides many opportunities. ICT is having an impact on job opportunities. There are companies with a big demand for people with the right skills. Most managers of businesses know that the use of ICT is what can make them earn money. All they need is ICT capable different levels and also ground breaking ICT professionals that can help carry the business forward. Companies expect School and college leavers to be able to handle office software, the Internet and basic file handling because it has been able to be done before. They should also be able to adapt themselves quickly if a company installs new computers. This shows us that there is currently so much job opportunities. There are higher paid job opportunities for those who have skills in building networks, web development and programming and specially designing.This is because you can get right into where the money is, like helping create modern video games. Making it very virtual reality. IT has been embedded into the national curriculum as a core subject, hence the need for IT teachers they teach students how and what can be done on the computer. By simply teaching how to produce a spreadsheet or presentation. Can lead to numerous job opportunities. My friend James works in my gym Fitness First because he has good ICT skills. He said, "By having a little bit of work experience and knowing how to make data bases I work here". What James does is let the members through making sure their membership is working well. Advantages on Employment Opportunities There is an enormous advantage with ICT on employment because as less people are unemployed, ICT just gets bigger and develops even further. It helps us create a much better world making life much easier. Disadvantages on Employment Opportunities It is still not good for a lot of LEDCs because they don't have the technology to provide employment opportunities. ...read more.

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