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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 6399

The Internet has already changed the way we conduct business - Outline the conectivity options.

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1. Outline of connectivity options Uxbridge College could receive worldwide exposure on the Internet. The Internet has already changed the way we conduct business. A Wide area network (WAN) connection of the new site to the other two sites requires the selection of a WAN connection. We can break our options down into two main types of connections: 1. Dial-up access 2. Leased line Dial-up access is a way of connecting a device to a network via a modem using a public telephone network. Dial-up access is simply a phone connection, except that the parties at the two ends are computer devices rather than people. Because dial-up access uses normal telephone lines, the quality of the connection is not always good and data exchange rates are limited. In the past, the maximum data rate with dial-up access was 56 Kbps (56,000 bits per second), but new technologies such as ISDN are providing faster rates. Option 1 - Analog modems An analog modem is a device used to connect two digital devices via telephone lines. Because telephone lines usually transmit voice using analog waves as opposed to digital waves, a modem is used at both ends of the telecommunication network. Each time a device (computer) wishes to communicate the digital data is converted into analog signals which can be sent down the telephone lines. When the analog signals reach the destination they are converted back into digital signals by the receiving modem. Strengths This is a very cheap method for a home pc's to connect to the Internet; however this method is only for simple web browsing and to manage their e-mail. Weakness This is an extremely slow process and the technology has been out dated and for a medium or large organization to connect to the Internet this way would be costly and unsuitable Conclusion Option 1 is for a single pc to connect to the Internet using an existing telephone line. ...read more.


If the college went ahead then the potential future openings for the college would be vast. Building in market Uxbridge College will have the chance to extend its market through: * Wider geographical clientele * Ability to offer wider range of courses * Converged network Wider geographical clientele Part of Uxbridge's network will facilitate greater web coverage. In other words Uxbridge should be able to further customize their website by linking it to the college's network allowing perspective students and staff to easily browse: * Course details * Tutor/staff details * Location details * College strategies details * College achievements details These details will help perspective students and staff to be sure of the course they apply to do, which in turn will ensure a higher pass rate (as details will be clearer through simply but accurately displayed information) Converged network At the moment most companies have separate infrastructures for voice, data, and video transport, but in a completely converged network environment, a single high performance network will provide all three services on one line. A converged network will mean greatly enhanced efficiencies. Any of these opportunities would send out a positive message; Uxbridge is a high standard institute with cutting edge technology and is at the forefront pushing back the boundaries of these technologies. Threats Being left behind If Uxbridge College did not keep up to date with the latest technologies than they will not be able to deliver some courses that require specialised equipment. As a consequence students would go elsewhere. If you don't keep up with the up to date software and hardware there's a threat of being left behind. Competition Uxbridge College essentially is a business and if they did not offer a competitive scope of courses covering a wide range of subjects and specialist fields than they will lose perspective students to competitors Security With any computer network there is also the issue of security from hackers from intruders, errors, and other threats. ...read more.


It's not just memos that can sent as a result of e-mails. Important documents can be attached and e-mails don't necessarily have to be sent to individual recipients (receivers of an e-mail), they can be sent to a whole group of people. Sending an e-mail to multiple recipients This is another area that has really benefited organizations as it can seriously reduce time and costs. For example one message can be sent to everyone within an organization or promotional, after sales literature can be sent to whole database of customers. This feature has also been a key factor in the evolution of education. Education has benefited Business and industry are not the only area, which has benefited from e-mail. In fact education has promoted e-mail from day one. Even before the web was around (1990) universities, research centers and other education groups where communicating on a world wide scale. E-mail allowed them to exchange ideas and keep up with latest advances, which has been the key to this communication/information revolution. Security Issues One of the main problems that have arisen from e-mail is the issue of security. It is very easy for people on the Internet to assume a different identity. For example, when you are exchanging e-mail with someone whom you have never met in person, they may not be truthful and could assume the identity of someone else for there own benefit. Another security issue, is it can be risky and even dangerous to give out information via e-mail as it can be used to track you down or contact you directly. Other problems that have arisen with e-mail There are many other problems that have come along with e-mail, for example the lack of work being done in any organization where junk mail is being circulated. This is time consuming as well as the strain it imposes on the network through heavy bandwidth usage. Electronic mail is also subject to junk mail, just as the regular mail in the postal system is. Spam Spam mail is where any recipient is subjected to a message repeatedly sent to their e-mail address. ...read more.

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