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The Internet is starting to revolutionise business. To what extent will business benefit from such a revolution?

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Adam Shardlow-Wrest 13-10-2004 BUS5W-June 2001 The Internet is starting to revolutionise business. To what extent will business benefit from such a revolution? The Internet is an electronic meeting place for ideas, information and people. It was created to spread academic information between universities. Since the creation of the World Wide Web, access to this information has been easier for ordinary computer users. The further development of the web browser has made it more possible for ordinary users to find what they wanted to know. Whilst the Internet was originally designed to be an area of vast resource material, it wasn't too long before its potential was realised and that Internet trading was a real business prospect. ...read more.


So exporting becomes much more affordable. This has great potential for firms offering a wide range of highly specialised goods. For example a site selling classic car parts or sports memorabilia. Orders may start coming in from Tokyo or California. On a wider note, the Internet has revolutionised communication networks, allowing for messages to be transferred internally, within a company, or externally from company to company. This has allowed trading and productivity to increase dramatically and also as one of the motivational theorists, Mayo, concludes that communication between workers and managers and worker-to-worker influences morale and output, therefore the ability to have an internal company email system allows employees to be on a constant communication network. ...read more.


However the disadvantages are that the Internet is formal written communication and teleworking has a direct link to the workplace, all of this is an improvement in technology. However traditional face-to-face contact is not available between employees or even towards customers. This can cause communication problems, as everything has to be based on how the person on the other side perceives something, therefore should a payment be made and on recieval of the good, the customer is not pleased with the item, then word can get around as to false trade discription and even report under the trade descriptions act. Therefore as a direct result of this, whilst the internet offers many benefits, it is still in its relative infancy and will never quite replace the safety and personal touch that face to face sales achieves. ...read more.

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