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The Internet, The best thing since sliced bread!

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The Internet, The best thing since sliced bread! Or is it? The subject that I am going to discuss is the Internet, and if it is the most important thing that has happened this century, or if it is a ticking time bomb waiting until it explodes and society is destroyed. But before I start I will give you the background information of the creation of the Internet. In 1957 the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite into orbit and starts the space race. The United States fears that the Soviets will become even more advanced than them and so establish an advanced research project to try to overtake the USSR in the technology and science department. In 1962 Paul Baran Rand of the Rand Corporation (a government agency) is commissened by the U.S. Air Force to study and investigate how the military could maintain control of its nuclear arms after a nuclear attack and how it could order a counter attack. He came up with the idea of a packet switched network (the break down of information into diagrams). Then in 1972 Ray Tomlinson creates the First Email program. The Advanced Research Projects Agency is renamed The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency. Following this in 1976 The Atlantic packet Satellite network is born. This network linked the United States with Europe. It used INTELSAT, these satellites were owned by a consortium of countries. ...read more.


This is valuable for parents who have pre-school children and even children at school. Staying with the subject of children, parental lockouts are built into nearly all Internet software you can limit what a child see or can get into. "Chat rooms" are very popular on the Internet as they enable you to talk to someone on the other side of the planet. I myself have been in a chat room and made friends with people in England, Wales, USA, Canada, and many other places including Australia. To avoid a large phone bill you can join a special discount scheme that some Internet Service providers are able to provide. So surely the Internet must be a good thing if people can talk to each other when there are thousands of miles between them; it then allows people and families to stay in touch no matter how far apart. It helps children revise for tests and to learn new things; it keeps computer companies on their toes trying to build faster, and more powerful computers, so this a good thing, isn't it? Now for the second part of the discussion I found this the most difficult as I am very fond of the Internet. Here are some of the reasons why people dislike the Internet. Many people view the Internet as being very additive; someone could log on to a chat room and forget to come out! ...read more.


If you think that a virus scanner would be able to detect these viruses, you're right, but they are not much use if the virus turns it off before it gets to work! But thankfully anti viruses are available as soon as the virus is. So surely this is not a good thing. From waking up one day to find your hard drive deleted or to finding out that you are dating a paedophile! should the Internet be taken out of the public hands? So is the Internet the best thing since sliced bread? I believe that yes the Internet is a great tool, and it has the potential to help everyone. Certain restrictions have been made to prevent paedophiles from entering "chat rooms" or trying to arrange a "date" with a child. Parental controls are being made easier so that even a monkey could set them, (I am not implying that parents are monkeys) and are pass-worded so that they cannot be removed easily. Government branches and Banks are being twice as careful when they are setting up their websites so that "Hackers" cannot enter their sites without the correct access codes. I would encourage as many people as I can to join schemes like BT and Freeserve have on at present to reduce the cost of "surfing the net". The Internet also allows the world to communicite even if the language is different. It has the potential to help Mankind better itself over time by helping us talk things over. ...read more.

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