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The Internet

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The Internet The Internet is an electronic series of virtual networks that link people and information through computers and other digital devices, allowing peer to peer communication and information retrieval. The Internet was first developed in the late 1960's by the US government. The Internet however was not publicly available until 1982; with the use of GUI's increasing the numbers owning computers, the Internet became widely available and commercial interests grew. Access and use of the resource spread rapidly, the number of American users grew from 25 million in 1995 (when only 3% of people had ever used the Internet) to 83 million in 1999, with 55 million of those going online in a typical day. The amount of information available on the Internet has also risen greatly, from less than 20,000 Web sites in 1995 to over 10 million in 2000, containing over two billion Web pages, with as many as two million pages added daily. The focus for this essay is the impact of the Internet on the society, and how it affects people both pro and anti socially. ...read more.


People who have incorporated the Internet find it a useful tool in their everyday lives with no harmful effects. Nearly 60 percent of those who email friends and family were in contact with loved ones more often than before, and 75 percent said they had seen a friend or family member the previous day. Socially active people tend to use email in particular to allow them to communicate more and it actually extends their social life. A UCLA study, reported findings that the Internet has become a household activity, with 47 percent of web users going online with another household member at least once a week. Most users were not concerned that the Internet affected physical interaction 88.4% claimed the Internet had no effect on the time household members spend together, this could well depend upon where the computer was situated in the household, rather than different rooms promoting separation, advising people to place their computers "in a communal room or high traffic area." ...read more.


However "Advanced techniques to follow and track a person's surfing will decrease privacy since strangers and potential employers will be allowed easy access to personal information about you." Small businesses can find the Internet very useful because it allows them to do business without having to spend the money on a physical store. But, developing a good web page and Internet marketing can be very expensive and requires a lot of time and special expertise/knowledge, many small businesses cannot afford this. Internet web sites can be used by different cultural groups to promote activities and understanding of their views and connect similarly minded people together around the world. However racist groups can put up web sites under the area of free speech and it is very difficult to shut them down. In conclusion, I personally believe that the Internet is valuable and useful resource which similar to many things when used properly doesn't cause any harm and it potentially very beneficial to everyone. However when misused, it can become detrimental to those who use it, promote anti-social behaviors and other such activities which are negative. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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