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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1852

The main function of the Best Recipe Kitchens is to manufacture, supply, sell and install kitchens.

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Task 1 Function The main function of the Best Recipe Kitchens is to manufacture, supply, sell and install kitchens. They do this by making kitchens and providing the customers with the right product sizes. Customers * Individual members of the public come and visit any showroom. * Industrial customers from clubs and restaurants do buy kitchens from them. * The also have companies from developing housing associations. Goods Supplied The company supply's many products which they have manufacturing or besides even manufacturing they order the products from different suppliers and supply them to their customers. * Base units * Wall units * Worktops * Plinths * Bins * Vegetable baskets * Towel rails * Cookers * Washing Machines * Dishwashers * Fridges * Freezers * Waste Pipes * Sockets * Cables All the showrooms have three main sections; - 1. Sales 2. Administration 3. Installations. Sales In this department there is a head who is sales manager the makes sure when a sale is confirmed the member of the staff who handled the sale at the time gets' commission. In their usual salary. * The sales department also hands marketing which has it's own head but still under sales manager. * The marketing Director is responsible for advertising and promoting Best Recipe Kitchens for steady income and to increase sales. * In the sales department the sales staffs that take their time and plan a kitchen on the computer software will make the sales. ...read more.


The warehouse manager then contacts the suppliers by post. Finally the warehouse manager informs the installation manager who places the order to the clerk who purchases the order for any other appliances required and post them to the appropriate manufacturers. There orders include the customers name and addresses so the goods will be delivered to the customer's house or place. The clerk also sends a conformation letter to the client for installation data also the receipt of the deposit. Also the price of 50% must be paid before all installation is completed. Computers make all the calculations from the purchase receipts and the order forms. All The calculations are made on a computer by the Accounts Department who collects the data on a computer and sends the invoices to the relevant departments or to the relevant people. There are various outputs to the ordering process, which are issued. For example a printed copy is sent by post to the warehouse manager. The warehouse manager sends a fax to the production manager who sends the result back. The warehouse manager sends another letter to the suppliers. Then the warehouse manager sends a letter to the installation manager to confirm the appointment and the whole file is handed to the clerk. This is a Data Flow Diagram of how the customer buys a kitchen from a showroom and companies process to get the order through. ...read more.


This system is really accurate and can eliminate errors. MIS MIS (manager information system) can help managers to do their work more quickly and more efficiently. With this the information comes as a report to the managers. With this if the Best Recipe Kitchens has it the managers can work twice as fast in a way the production manager works like MIS. The production manager requires one or two more people then ha can work much faster. The installation manager can work by himself, as he has to hire contractors. But if we see with MIS he can work much faster with being more accurate. This can also allow the managers to work together as everything is supplied before as reports are made for the mangers so they can decide. This can help accounts manger as well as he can see how much is coming and going. As sales can be analysed in monthly graphs and all the departments can use graphs as well. As warning audio, video can warn if anything goes to a limit. They can even use what if queries to resolve any query to see the out come and if it comes low or to an inappropriate inquest, then they can find an alternative. As all managers can see each other's work and their report and suggest improvement or to even come to a decision. They can create a graph on sale and make a report. This can promote some people in some sectors. This will make the work in the company more efficient. Ibraheem Sadiq Page 2 8149 ...read more.

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