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The Manual Method compered to ICT.

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A03 THE MANUAL METHOD I did not have to use any form of computer of ICT equipment to do this task, as it could have been done by hand. To do this I would take a piece of paper and pencil and draw the company logo and either by freehand, or with the use of stencils could have written out all of the information required and then included the vacancy details. To keep a track of the staff wages and production situation I could have used a card for each position. This would keep all of the job details including: shift times and rates of pay etc. ...read more.


The spread sheet and pay slip can be updated easily by adding, removing or changing information. No need to start all over again each time a week, no need for a rubber or correction fluid if you make a mistake or want to delete information. I have the use of tools such as spelling or grammar checking, I can easily experiment with different size and shape of typeface, I can use colour, clipart, boarders, word-art, tables and frames to make the pay slip easier to read. By using a spreadsheet, similar features as above can be used for adding, changing and deleting information. The uses of formulas help with calculations these are redone automatically each time workers details might change. ...read more.


For example, as manager could see the over all cost of the company staffing if there was to be a 3% pay rise or pay cut for all of the staff, or if they were to increase or decrease the piece rate for the number garments produced. If a manager had to make a report about these predictions he or she could use the chart functions within the spreadsheet to create a graphical of these situations. ICT has made great steps in the communication of information, files can be sent and received by e-mail instantaneously. Data can be passed around a network for other users to access or the system could be placed on a disk or CD-ROM, which could be used to keep it safe or to pass it to other places or sites. David Boylen 11R ...read more.

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