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The objective of the exercise was to set-up a Web Log and gain experience with web based tools.

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* WEBLOGS -BIT1 Laboratory Exercise- Friday Labs- David Martland Written Assessment Submission - 21st November WEBLOG USED: www.xanga.com WEBLOG ADDRESS: http://premium.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=constantino2k _____________________________________________________________________ The objective of the exercise was to set-up a Web Log and gain experience with web based tools. I think I have succeeded with this and have had fun making my Web Log. I started the exercise by viewing some existing weblogs at a range of sites, it seems most members use their weblogs as diaries to keep track of their personal thoughts, and tell the world, whilst others use their weblogs to talk about their hobbies or interests. I have decided my weblog will be based around my passion, 'Films', to limit the subject area I will be concentrating on recently released and soon-to-be-released films. WEBLOGS I took the opportunity to start re-viewing the different sites available I looked at the following: * www.pitas.com * www.blogger.com * www.xanga.com I looked at existing Bloggers on these sites and possible functions Xanga offers two types of accounts, the Classic and the Premium accounts. The Classic account is free but you must pay to obtain a Premium account, although for a trial period at the beginning of your subscription to Xanga they allow you to use the Premium account, offering advantages such as: -Spell check -Removal of Banner Ads -The ability to upload images to your weblog from PC -Larger choice of fonts and colours for text and backgrounds -And Premium Members can join six blogrings, whilst Classic Members can only join three. ...read more.


I found adding new entries and editing the site a lot easier on Xanga, so rather than spend time figuring out Blogger, I decided to go ahead and use Xanga to create my weblog. MY WEBLOG - 'FILM 2003' - http://premium.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=constantino2k SET-UP After navigating to the Xanga homepage, I began the process of setting up my weblog. This required my e-mail address, and I had to verify I was at least 13 as well as agreeing to the terms. I then had to name my blog, and choose a default template. Now I had the first opportunity to personalise my weblog, changing my profile Image (which I changed to a film reel), adding a welcome message and adding personal details. CUSTOMISING After setting up my weblog, I had to make my first entry I briefly wrote about the film 'The Italian Job', which I had seen the night before. Up until this point I encountered no problems. Over the following few days I posted more entries onto my weblog, to get it started. I then began editing and personalising my weblog. Xanga has an option of 'Look and Feel' on the page and I used this change the appearance. I did consider using a pre-designed skin, but decided against it, as it would mean my weblog would have been designed by someone else and would limit the extent to which I could personally edit it. ...read more.


Under the 'Get Involved' section, there is the possibility to add links from the weblog to websites, I initially included a list of links, but then decided to use a Blogroll on my weblog. To do this I signed up for an account at www.blogrolling.com , but I ran into some trouble setting up the Blogroll and could not properly connect it to my weblog. In an attempt to combat this I contacted the site, but I received no reply. After some continuing efforts I think I have succeeded in connecting the Blogroll to my weblog, however it has been quite temperamental. Also, my premium account has expired, meaning all my images had to be removed from my weblog; however this was not really a problem, as I was expecting it, although it did drastically change the appearance of my weblog. CONCLUSION Overall I think my weblog has been a success, I have enjoyed the exercise and I am very pleased with the final weblog, and I am keen to continue with it. It has taught me some basics, which I am sure to build on in the future. I have also received the first subscription to my weblog, which is excited and re-kindled my interest somewhat. I did encounter a few problems, but managed to deal with them to the best of my ability and have learnt from the problems, coming out of the exercise with experience knowledge and a sense of satisfaction. Michael J Constantino K0324207@Kingston.ac.uk 2 ...read more.

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