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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5884

The organisation I have chosen to investigate is Europes leading specialist retailer of computer software and video games, GAME. They operate from over 500 stores, concessions, and franchises in four territories in Europe. As a specialist, they have ce

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INTRODUCTION INVESTIGATORS NAME: ALOM UDDIN COMPANY INVESTIGATED: GAME The organisation I have chosen to investigate is Europe's leading specialist retailer of computer software and video games, GAME. They operate from over 500 stores, concessions, and franchises in four territories in Europe. As a specialist, they have certain unique attribute that gives them the edge over their competitors. They are mainly due to: * Their customer friendly policies - in the GAME store, all members of staff are required to be friendly and polite to customers; even to customers that are rude and unpleasant. * Unrivalled product knowledge - the GAME Company has knowledge of all the latest products before their rivals. Especially because the company is the top seller of games and consoles. The manufacturing companies want to sell their products to companies that solely do retail in the visual entertainment department and the games/consoles department. They want companies with these requirements because they don't want other products that do not relate to the product that they are selling. They do not want the customers to be distracted by other items. GAME has met these requirements with ease. * Pre-owned programme - this allows customers to bring in old games or consoles or accessories that they no longer use, but are fully functional, for an exchange for something else. They would be given a value for their product and then the customer will be allowed to deduct that amount away when they are making their purchase of the in-store items. * Pre-orders - customers are allowed to pre-order their product, so they are guaranteed a copy of their product. They are allowed to receive their products on the day it was released. This ensures the manufacturers of how many copies of their product they have to send to the GAME store for the customers that pre-ordered and also extra for the customers that go to the store to purchase their products. ...read more.


The website of GAME is www.GAME.net, this site is used by the customers to rifle through the wide selection of products at their pace and leisure and to purchase at their pace and leisure. OPERATIONS The operations department handles the processing of the goods the company sells. An example of this is the assembling of a car by a car manufacturing company, using raw materials such as steel and iron. The company also has to take into account the law and the hygiene factor and copyright laws, etc. The department is also responsible for obtaining the resources needed, the buildings and land where they carry out their tasks, the equipment needed to carry out their tasks and also hiring the people that do the specific jobs in the department. Activities in the Operations Department Identification and Acquisition of Resources - the operations department in GAME need to identify what they precisely need for the manufacturing of their products. Successfully identifying the appropriate materials will allow the operations department to advance to the next phase and actually try to purchase the materials for the littlest amount of money. Production of Products - the manufacturing of products has to be scrutinised greatly so as to choose the best possible method of manufacturing the product. The product must be produced cheaply and have the best possible quality. Schedule Production - the operations department must meet the customer demands and must produce their products on time. Producing a schedule to meet extreme demands are created by GAME; the schedule allows organised manufacturing of products and 'just-in-time' deliverance. Quality Check - the quality of products is monitored greatly as well because of the competition from other major organisations. GAME maintains a high quality rating so they can win over new customers and also to keep the longer serving customers still hooked. This is how the operations department in GAME use ICT Quality Control - to ensure that the products that are manufactured by GAME are perfect the company would test the product very soon after it was produced. ...read more.


So if a worker is seen to be trying to steal some of the company's money, then the supervisor would report the culprit for arrest. OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT This is the Hardware and Software used in the Operations Department. Hardware This is a special type of hardware that does input, output and the process all-in-one. * Manufacturing Hardware - this piece of hardware is actually a series of hardware that can input information, process it and then give an output. This device (or these devices) allow the GAME company to manufacture they're own goods with their own brand name. They are most popular in manufacturing third party peripherals for consoles such as Gamecube, Xbox and Playstation 2. These include devices like controllers, memory cards and link cables. Software - Application These are software only used in the operations department * Manufacturing Software - this software allows GAME to instruct their manufacturing hardware to do whatever it wants. This could be things like instructing it to produce a controller in a certain way, or telling it to make a certain number of products in a certain number of minutes. * CAD (Computer Aided Design) - this software allows GAME to test out designs of new products without having to actually manufacture it. This saves a lot of time and predicts problems that may occur with the tested product. * CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) - this software allows GAME to input their designs and allow them to figure out the best way to manufacture their product. Information about the dimensions and materials are inputted into the software and it makes changes where it sees it needs to be put. The information can be inputted into the manufacturing hardware and it would manufacture the product exactly the way it was designed. Security The operations department use only security stated in the general security section. ?? ?? ?? ?? ALOM UDDIN 11.7 GCSE APPLIED ICT COURSEWORK 1 ...read more.

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