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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4357

The project that I have decided to make will be a Final Fantasy Fan Club.

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ANALYSIS INTRODUCTION The project that I have decided to make will be a Final Fantasy Fan Club. I have decided to do this as my project because it is something that I am in to, and therefore I will be able to input a lot of information into the club without having to research too deeply into it. I have decided to call my club 'Final Heaven', I have decided on this because it is a 'final' fantasy club, and it will be a 'heaven' for its members as they will be able to chat with other members and receive exclusive information and offers based on Final Fantasy. My club will have two sides to it. The first side will be a data side, where I will create a member database ready for members of my club, and I will also work out all the finances, which go into my club. The second side will be the media side; with this I will design my own advertising campaign, which h will include a TV advert, posters, flyers and a web page. IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM At the time of typing this I have only ever seen Internet Final Fantasy fan clubs, these only provide a limited amount of resources, and offer nothing that can be taken away, only the opportunity to talk to other Final Fantasy fans, and see pictures and gain advice. I think that although this is good, there is a lot more which could be offered. So I have decided to try and go the extra step and offer more to the Final Fantasy fans than a simple web page. The internet clubs are normally made very easily with a web page design tool, although I would like to create a web page as part of the club, I feel that a more hands on approach with newsletters and club items is much more appealing as it gives people a sense of belonging. ...read more.


With this method I will want to make a small profit but not excessive as this may put potential members off if the price is too high. I can work out the profit by seeing how many members I have in each subscription type and multiplying the amount each of them is paying by that amount. With this I will see how much money I am getting in, and then I will take away all the expenses, this will leave me with a final profit. Section 3 - Outputs My outputs for this task will be a spreadsheet with formulas on which will work out the money that I am spending on club expenses, this can then be used to figure out a suitable amount to charge the club members for their subscription. As there will be 3 different types of subscription I will need three different formulas on the spreadsheet, and each one will work out the costs for the people on that subscription. Although I do want to make a profit from my club I do not want to make it too expensive, as it will deter potential members. When I have worked out the amount I charge for each subscription, I will multiply the amount of money I am getting in by the amount of people on that subscription, after this I will take away the amount of the costs, this will leave me with a final profit for my club. The spreadsheet will need to be easily altered as the price of different things will go up or down and the gifts that will be sent to each member will change also. Section 3 - Inputs For this task my inputs will be all the costs that my club will have. I will have to find out how much things cost roughly and then I can put them into my spreadsheet and work out how much the members must pay each year. ...read more.


I am going to create the advert using Microsoft PowerPoint; this will allow me to make a basic slideshow. Section 6 - Tackling the Problem To carry out this task I could run around with a video camera filming banners that give the information about the club about. Or I could act in it telling people about the club and showing them things by hand. Although this method would be fun, it would also look amateur and be expensive. So instead of doing this I am going to create the advert using Microsoft PowerPoint. Using PowerPoint I can build up an advert slowly using its ability to place together different stills to make a slideshow. I will have to make it look good and add attractive backgrounds and text as it is being designed to attract members. I will make it so that it lasts around 30 seconds to 1 minute, as this is a reasonable time for an advert. Section 6 - Desired Outcomes For this task I want the finished product to be an attractive professional looking advert, which reflects the club in the best way possible. It will contain all the information that I feel necessary for people to know, such as prices for club membership and how to get in contact. The advert will last 30 - 60 seconds and will have to be smooth when it is running otherwise it will not look good and there will be no point in even running it. Section 6 - Performance Criteria * A professional looking advert * Lasts 30 - 60 seconds * Gives club information without being boring * Shows how to get in contact to join the club * Features pictures associated with final fantasy Section 6 - Testing I do not think that there is any big need for testing on this task, the only thing that may need to be tested is that the advert runs smoothly and is easy to understand. David Baines Year 11 GCSE I.T - Final Fantasy Club Management and Publicity System ...read more.

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