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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 810

The purpose of my assignment is to produce a database containing personal information of typical college students; information will be outputted as a form.

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Contents Contents 1 Action Plan 2 Planning 3 Find: 4 Using automated routines 5 Structures 7 Exchange 9 Develop and refine...........................................................................10 Databases......................................................................................11 Action Plan Identify clearly your purpose: The purpose of my assignment is to produce a database containing personal information of typical college students; information will be outputted as a form. Identifying appropriate software: Because information of an individual would need to be stored in specific tables, it would be very logical to use software such as a database package (e.g. Microsoft access). Another main software package to use could be a word processing package (e.g. Microsoft word), used to document the work. Identify what is required to achieve success: In order to produce this database I will need information to be entered into the tables and what is required in certain tables. These could include: * Student table - containing personal information such as name and address. ...read more.


Justify reasons for choice of software and layout * Microsoft Access is a highly affective software package to use when you want to produce databases because of the useful features it possesses. * Since personal information such as name and address is required, a database would be appropriate, allowing users to enter and obtain the necessary information they require. * Databases are useful when you wish to store data; they help with file organisation. * Since the data entered and extracted are classified information, you can password protect data. Planning STUDENT_TABLE: Field name Data type Validation Student ID Text Input mask LLL99999999 Title Text Surname Text Maximum 25 characters First name Text Maximum 25 characters DOB Date/time Address line 1 Text Maximum 50 characters Address line 2 Text Maximum 50 characters Town/city Text Maximum 50 characters Post code Text Input mask LL0\_0LL Telephone number Text Maximum characters 11 Picture OLE jpg COURSE_DETAILS: Field name Data type Validation Student ID Text Input mask ...read more.


Explore and derive information: Information obtained and derived for purpose by using the following: Images captured using a digital camera. Information on field entries by Mr Leeming Skills developed included: Use of images incorporated within the database system. Attaching relevant images to particular fields in the database. Exchange As described in the design section, information was exchanged electronically through the use of e-mails. File attachments were received and the data obtained was inputted in the database. Develop and refine Changes that were made were not major and did not affect the overall running of the system. Such changes include: Adjustment of visual aids such as size of font and type of font. Modifications of images used e.g re-sizing etc. Rearrangements of the fields in the form for data to be entered. Databases The database produced successfully managed to meet its initial purpose. Data can be entered and multiple tables were created and a final form can be used and printed out or electronically exchanged through e-mails or any other storage devices. Steven Duong 1 ...read more.

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