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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5402

The system chosen for this application is the computerised system. This computerised system works on software. As we have seen previously there are different softwares that can be used. Here we will see which is the best.

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The system chosen for this application is the computerised system. This computerised system works on software. As we have seen previously there are different softwares that can be used. Here we will see which is the best. Software Software is something that can be 'run' on the computer to allow the computer carry out some specific tasks. The software is a program that is created so that the users can get the most out of the computer. The softwares that are chosen are from among the most famous and most commonly used ones. Thus it is according to the requirements that the system needs to be chosen. The software also should have many properties which helps the system and also it should allow the user carry out the specific tasks easily. The documentation of the software means the papers or instructions that come with it. They have different problems that are tackled for new users. This combined with on screen help messages and computer tutorials helps the user and benefits him even if he does not know how the particular software is run. Only two types of softwares have documentation. One is the application specific software and the other general purpose software. The custom designed can also have documentation but it is not practical, as we will see later on. 1. Application Specific. This refers to the software that has been designed specifically for a certain purpose. The packages that usually include only this software or other software that is linked with it so data can be transferred. This means it is part of integrated software. They usually have documentation and help messages so the user finds it easy to use the software. In this system for example the need is for a package that can combine letter writing, stock keeping and finances. This way this software is very good to use. 2. ...read more.


It will be done on the spot on the monitor. No LCD screens are required because there is no fine detail to be displayed when the data is prepared, so a standard monitor is enough. This hardware configuration is perfect for the system. It will allow the user to enter, manipulate and print the data as required. Back Up and Security Back Ups are very important in any system. This is because without back ups the system is prone to deletion and manipulation. Once the data has been entered, the data can easily be changed. This way the company will not know when the data is changed and where. It will again be a long process to check and rectify the mistakes. The back up here means that we will use other storage devices such as floppy disks and CDs to store the data and to provide as a back up in case something happens to the original. Then the original can then be stored in place of the damaged files. The files can be manipulated by any unauthorised personnel and even damaged by events such as a fire, etc. this way there is no cover for the data and it all maybe lost very easily. So back ups are used so that nothing like this happens. The data is changed almost everyday according to the need of the company. So the back up should be updated everyday or whenever, the change takes place. This applies even to the stock because the stock also changes everyday. Back Ups will prove beneficial because it protects the data by allowing to be replaced and also provides the cover required. Back Ups can also be used to guard against virus although they cannot prevent it. Virus is a program that copies itself and can destroy important files that are crucial to the running of the system. This way all the data can again be lost. ...read more.


So as you can see the system does not comply with our needs. Q. What does your staff think? A. My staff also thinks the same way. They also think that their duty time should be made shorter because completing their work takes them a lot of time. Q. What possible solution do you have in mind? A. According to me the company should either hire more office staff or deploy a computerised system. By employing more staff we will have more people so the work would be faster but by using the computerised system, we will not have as many people but the work will be done faster. So I would rather prefer the computerised system to everything else. Q. Do you also deal with data from other branches? A. Actually the stock never transfers but we do try to get some of the office work transferred so that even they have a good idea what our stock situation is and also to get rid of some excess work. Q. Do you think that you would adapt well to a computerised system? A. I think I should be able to. It has the same alphabets and once I understand it I'm sure I'll be able to use it. Questionnaires We can clearly see from the above interviews and the questionnaires that the staff does not like the current system. Form this we can also see the following things: > They have long duty hours and this does not bode well for the company because the morale is low. > The system is slow and does not support the work that they do. > Outputs are not professional and this is also not good for the reputation of the company. > The owner is not able to analyse his business as well as he should be able to. From this we can also see that it is absolutely necessary to change the system. As we have selected the computerised system, we will move ahead and see how the system has to be designed. This we will see next. ...read more.

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