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The title for the system I am going to create is a 'Housing Property Valuator'. The system I will design is produced for the intended use for Lane & Sons Ltd. The firm is a Derby based estate agent.

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Analysis The title for the system I am going to create is a 'Housing Property Valuator'. The system I will design is produced for the intended use for Lane & Sons Ltd. The firm is a Derby based estate agent. Although qualified to perform valuations on residential properties the current workforce lack vast experience in valuations of residential properties. The workforce feels they need some assistance in the preparation of residential properties due to their lack of experience in this field. The firm needs to be able to provide valuations based on factors that are accountable. It would appear logical for the company to employ an expert with an abundance of experience in this area to allow an accurate valuation of residential properties to ensure the business remains successful by providing an accurate service. It must be recognised that the employment of an expert property valuator could not be implemented for a small, local firm as the costs would be too expensive. This would be the case especially if the company did not receive as much demand as predicted and the new employee would not be needed due to the high additional expenditure of this employee. Currently it takes a considerable amount of time to give a rough estimate of the cost of building a house. This is due to the numerous numbers of factors which need to be taken into account, which will affect the value and cost of making a house. ...read more.


The monitor of the PC has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The operating system used on the users PC is Windows 2000 and Office 2000. This includes the 2000 version of Excel which is compatible to the Excel version I will be using, which will enable the user to utilize the system I will produce. The user is also linked to the internet. This will allow the system to be set up without any real difficulties or necessity to upgrade further. Whilst producing the system I will encounter limitation these will include time restriction as the system has to be completed by February 2003. In addition the user has a limited knowledge of using Excel, but has a basic knowledge of Excel 2000 which he gained whilst completing a CLAIT course. I will assess the skills of the individual on Excel to gain a clearer picture on the users understanding of Excel so I can produce a project that the end user can follow and implement. Here are the tasks the user is able to do on Excel 2000: End User Requirement In order for my system to be effective and to increase the efficiency of providing quote for housing properties; it is essential that the new system meets the following user requirements: > Accurately calculate (estimate) the price of a house in certain areas in Derbyshire > Add and delete houses > Produce a quote swiftly and a receipt for the price > Save quotes for future reference > Adaptable for changes such as house price changes (e.g. ...read more.


In order for me to produce a system that provides the end user with a fairly accurate quote, its necessary for me to complete the following sub tasks: o I must create a method for an employee to input data on the necessary features for the property o It is essential that I create a section in the system to store the inputted data on the properties and on the customers. o I must then develop a part of the system that will display the quote to the user and they are also given the choice to print a copy of the quote. o To allow efficient organization of the data stored on the data in my system. It is important that I develop some administrative tools that can be used by the system administrator to edit, delete, and add record from the database. EDIT MULTIPLIERS o To protect what could be perceived as sensitive or private data stored on my system. For me to ensure this requirement ids met I think it is necessary to create a system where the user has to enter a password to determine whether access to the system is permitted. There will be a username to establish what areas of the system the user has access to. For example does the user have the authority to view and delete customer details? o It is imperative that I thoroughly check my system to make sure that the system operates correctly and accurately. I must ensure the system is suitably user friendly and it satisfies all the performance criteria's appointed by the end user. 1 Specification ...read more.

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