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The use of ict has changed the way in which people work. Explain the benefits and disavandages that ict has brought in the work place

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The use of ict has changed the way in which people work. Explaine the benefits and disavandages that ict has brought in the work place Information Technology has brought about an entire industry.Many thousands of people now make their living directly in the information Technology world. Example, Programmers, Systems Managers, Technicians, consultants, Data Processing Staff, Systems Analysts, Network Designers, Network Managers ,Web Designers and Technical Authors. Every Week Thousands of Computer-Related jobs are advertised. There are never enough people with the right skills to satisfy the demand. New Industries have been created as a result of computer technology. For Example Mobile Telephones would not be possible without the databases which keep track of where users are. Automatic cash Machines rely on online checks to validate requests. Many companies have arisen because of the Internet. Many traditional jobs such as construction have disappeared. There is less demand for manual labour. Many old skills are not needed any more. Another example is typesetters who used to set out newspapers were skilled and highly paid, but this process has been replaced by Desktop Publishing. This allows much faster typesetting and transmission of copy between offices. Some Factory workers have been replaced by robots.Production line robots are more accurate than humans, they do not need to take breaks or go onsrtrike and are consistent in their quality of work, but have caused people to lose their jobs. Most jobs have altered as a result of computers. Such as Shop assistants scan bar codes, secertaries use office software and police use databases to track criminals and check on drivers and cars. Computer-realated jobs changes very rapidly. It skills get out of date very quickly. Few people expect to have jobs for life. There are skill shortages because firms have to regulary train newcomers, training is expensive. Firms that do not invest in training often lose staff to those that do. ...read more.


Fewer queues because transactions are made a lot quicker. Plastic cards used to purchase off the internet, or to be swiped through a checkout , A quicker way of paying without carrying around loads of cash, Safer way to carry around large amounts of cash ,If it gets stolen the users account can be closed down and use of the card stopped. Fraud is when a card being lost or stolen, Cards being copied (counterfeit) , Payments made over the telephone or internet when card isn't present. To prevent fraud you either Close an account, Lowering the 'floor' limit, The use of a hologram, Introduction of the smart cards, Card fraud is on the increase. Fraud prevention When the customer realises their card is missing they have to contact the bank and CC companies immediately. Credit card details are then broadcast electronically to cash machines and POS terminals so the card can no longer be used. Lowering the 'floor' limit is when after a customer spends a certain amount of money the shop assistant is required to seek authorisation that CC isn't lost or stolen. Using a hologram makes credit cards difficult to copy. Smart cards are virtually impossible to copy. A cheque is given to a company. The company pay the cheque to their bank. The bank types in amount of cheque in magnetic ink characters. All cheques sent to a clearing house. Details of transactions are sent on magnetic disk to Bank of England. Cheque is sent to customers bank and deducted from their account. Companies bank is notified that cheque has been cleared.The whole process takes a minimum of 3 days A customer writes a cheque to a company from which they had just purchased something from. The customer must fill in the amount of the cheque to prevent fraud. The company pay the customers cheque into their bank. The companies bank type in the amount of the check in magnetic ink so that it can be read at the clearing house with an MICR. ...read more.


The software will then dial up the different databases in each country and will return a small digital image of the property that appears to match the description. Selecting these images then produces a full size picture and a description of the object. the crime are photographed Fingerprints found at the scene of and scanned into a computer terminal. The software compares the prints with the stored images in the PNC database and returns the best matches. A fingerprint specialist then examines the results from the computer to make the final match. Tests have shown a matching accuracy greater than 99%. With the huge advance in technology of mobile telephones it is not surprising that police officers are being equipped with the latest radios to combat crime: The police radios come with extra features you would not find on models in the high street. From the keypad on the radios officers can directly access criminal and vehicle databases held on the computer. The met office full name is "the Meteorological office which is based in Bracknell, Berkshire.The met office computer which is used to forecast and collect information. It is one of the most powerful in Europe.The latest system introduced to the met office in the late 90's is the two Cray T3E supercomputers. A huge amount of data is collected every day to assist in forecasting the weather. The weather data is collected from land based stations, from out at sea, from the air and from orbiting satellites. This data is usually collected using automated instruments. In order to forecast the weather, a computer program has been made to model the behaviour of the atmosphere. The T3E supercomputer, uses a Massively Parallel Processors (MPP) system with 700 processors each working on calculations. Over the years, weather presenters on television have used various methods to help them illustrate their broadcast. Before the use of computers, a map of the U.K was placed behind the presenter. As the weather forecast was being given out, the presenter would turn to the board and place a magnet on the board. ...read more.

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