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The Varndean system.

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SMALL CASE STUDY - VARNDEAN Kristopher York CONTENTS PAGE Introduction ............................ 3 Types of ICT used and their purposes .................... 4 How do these ICT systems help people to do their job more efficiently? .............................. 6 How does ICT help individuals to communicate more efficiently? ..7 Conclusion ........................... .. 8 Introduction We are going to be looking at four departments, sales, finance, purchasing and operations. For my case study I am studying a small company called Varndean E-Learning. The sales department generates income and they invite customers to seminars so they can see the product . Finance department is responsible for buying everything that the company needs; stock control programs are often used. The purchasing department is a small company, it isn't that formalized. If they need something they'll go and order that item. It is then put through the accounts package, which is a process of finance. Operations department is the part that is responsible for the core of the business. ...read more.


High quality laser printer because anything they send to customers must look good. The software the finance department uses includes sage instant accounts to keep trick of all their finances, their customers, their bank accounts and money coming into and out of the company. The hardware in the purchasing department includes each member having a computer linked up to the Internet so they can order things. The software in the purchasing department includes a web browser. The hardware in the operations department consists of very powerful computers with good-sized monitors so they can produce good graphics and see the whole program as it develops. They also use graphics to draw things, video camera's to record the video footage, microphones and sound cards to record sound for the material. The software in the operations department consists of Author ware (materials are written in it) Macromedia, visual base to write some of the back end software that looks after the database tracking on the materials, graphics packages such as Photoshop are used to prepare the graphics for the materials, sound ford which is a recording program from sonic foundry to record all the voices. ...read more.


ICT helps all individuals to communicate each other more efficiently mainly in the use of the internet and e-mail. The e-mail is a system that helps friends and family talk a lot quicker, free and also more personnel. In the four departments the workers need to communicate fast and they need a fast response time and e-mail provides this. With the use of ICT, communicating between computers can be done making the process quicker and saving money. Adverts, leaflets etc can be processed and then sent to another computer via e-mail to be printed out which leaves the first computer free for more work to be made and printed. In the Purchasing department there are no internal communications made, but externally websites are used to sell and buy products. Conclusion The overall use of the Varndean system is extremely good. There is some parts that could be improved such as the video interview, this could be put in note form next to it as it was very hard to make out what he was saying. Work can be produced quicker and to more substantial standard. 2 ...read more.

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