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The Way I use ICT at Home, School and College

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The Way I use ICT at Home, School and College Introduction ICT plays a big role in my life and would be very difficult living without it. I love using ICT as it very efficient and very easy compared to other ways of doing things like emails instead of letters by post. My I-pod is much better than having a disc-man as you have a lot more songs without the use of a CD. I don't think ICT is anything to be scared of but it may be very annoying, especially if you don't know what you're doing with it or it happens to freeze, breaks down on you etc. My life isn't really dependant on ICT because my hobbies and interests don't really involve a lot of ICT but my education would be lost without it. ...read more.


Give one or two examples where you use ICT when you think it is of little value, where it can't provide what you need or you would be better doing something another way. In Shenfield High School there is a wide variety of ICT outside and inside of lesson time. When anyone thinks of ICT they straight away think about computers in the ICT teaching rooms but it really does expand to a lot more technical range of ICT like the CCTV cameras around the school and the data projectors that have been installed in some classrooms where they are most needed. Even the most basic things are vital like heating and lighting especially in winter. We benefit a lot with ICT in school as it helps with our education as well as health and safety. ...read more.


Where does ICT come into this life? What about mobile phones? Do they help you keep it touch with friends, provide security when you are out, etc? * How important is ICT in your personal and social life? Conclusion By this point your will have written a lot about your contact with ICT in all walks of life. In the conclusion you need to reflect on what you have said and try to evaluate the overall impact of ICT on your life. What are the most important aspects of ICT that you use? What is least beneficial? Why?....justify what you say! Is ICT a major part of our lives, here to stay and a major benefit to us all? Or, is it a big fuss about nothing, leads kids into bad habits, makes us lazy and we'd all be better off without it? Justify whatever you say by drawing on examples from the sections above. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shenfield High School Centre 16135 Your name Your candidate number ...read more.

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