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Theatre Model

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Introduction Theatre Royale is a theatre in the suburbs of London. A show is performed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays nights and on the other days the theatre is closed although on some days I go in to check the email and the post to see if anyone has inquiries. The problem is that far too much time is spent on calculating the income made by the theatre by hand because all the sums are laborious and take a long time to work out by hand or even with a calculator so a computer is needed because it could save lots of time because tedious sums can be saved as a formula and used again and again. This model will be very useful to Theatre Royale because it will enable me to manage and calculate my income (profit or loss) easily, quickly and effectively, as I will explain. On a computer after checking that all my formulas are correct once I can save the correct formulas so there will be a very small chance that any of my figures and end results will be incorrect whereas doing it by hand I had to check if my figures were correct every time I worked out any sum if I wanted to stop mistakes occurring. ...read more.


These are all things I will need to use to make my model clear, concise and interesting to the user. Users The people who would use this model are the manager and any other employee who works in the theatre. This means that even though some of the employees will have a good knowledge of how to use computers some of them won't have a lot of experience in using computers so it must be easy to use. For example they must know exactly where to put their data so some cells could be highlighted to make it easier to see. Also I will protect important formula so people won't accidentally change any of them and ruin the calculations. Prototype My model will start off with the different inputs, which will be the fixed costs and variable costs from like paying the cleaners, the actors, refreshment and the income from tickets and different refreshments. The total costs will then be worked out and so will the total income. The total costs will then be subtracted from the total income to see if I have made a profit or if I have made a loss. ...read more.


The model must calculate the total income for the different days. The model must calculate the profit/loss for a single day by subtracting the costs form the income. The model must calculate the cumulative profit/loss for the day and the previous days. The model must either produce the word PROFIT or LOSS in designated cells using the IF function, whether a profit or a loss is made. A user must be able to navigate and go around the model with ease so macros should be used because they can link the different sheets with buttons. The model should not pose any health risks, whether it is radiation or making an employee strain his/hers eyes therefore causing headaches. Data validation will be used on input boxes such as tickets sold. Also the message inside the comment box should be clear, descriptive but concise. Different sheets should be labelled so people know what is on the different sheets. Backing up (saving) the information stored must be possible to avoid data loss if the system of hardware fails or in the event of a security breach. The model must be able to show how a change in one or more inputs will affect the overall income. For example if I raised concession ticket prices but lowered ice cream prices how would this affect my income? Ellis Savva 1/5 01/05/2007 ...read more.

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