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There are five types of communication:Written- letters, memoranda, reports, noticesOral- telephone, face-to-face, meetingsVisual- charts, tables, posters, advertisements

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Types of communication There are five types of communication: Written- letters, memoranda, reports, notices Oral- telephone, face-to-face, meetings Visual- charts, tables, posters, advertisements Electronic- facsimile, computer, e-mail, pager Non- verbal- body language. It is the information that dictates which method is used depending upon: * The nature of the information- is it long or short? Is it confidential? * The speed with which it needs to be sent- does it need to be there today? * Whether it is best in written or oral form- would a telephone call be best? * The cost- would the cost be too much? Written Communication Written communication uses words, numbers and images. Letters A formal method of communication, which is usually external. It is possible to set out detailed instructions, confirm arrangements or pass on information. Letters can also be used internally Advantages: * Letters can provide a permanent record for future reference. * Accurate, clear messages can be sent. Disadvantages: * They can be less personal. ...read more.


Advantages * Information will be quickly received. * Two way communications can be provided Disadvantages * Verbal messages can sometimes be misunderstood. * There is no written record of the conversation. Face to Face Face to face usually occurs during a meeting which could be with one person or with lots of people. Face to face also happens in a chat or conversation. Advantages * Feedback can be received or given * Problems will be quickly sorted out Disadvantages * In meetings you can't if people are listening or not * When you give a message you don't if people have understood it. Visual communication Charts, tables, pictures, maps, diagrams and photographs can be used by an organisation to attract people's attention. Visual communication gives impact and usually simplifies it. Charts and diagrams Charts and diagrams can be included in reports to show numerical data as it will be easier to understand than technical data which is complicated. Tables Tables are ways to present information. ...read more.


Advantages * Saves people travelling long distances for meetings. * Savings are made in terms of time and cost Disadvantages * The hardware required is still expensive * Connection or system could fail Pagers A pager is a device that is carried by the owner and enables him or her to be contacted in cases of urgency or an emergency or merely to pass on messages. Advantages * Not expensive to buy * No extra rental charges Disadvantages * No oral communication can take place * There is a charge for each message sent Non-verbal communication Sometimes information is exchanged without speaking or writing. If no words are used, the communication is non-verbal, or body language is used. An expression or gesture, such as a frown, nod or smile, can indicate agreement or disagreement with a decision. Sometimes non-verbal messages can be misinterpreted and people can get the wrong message. ?? ?? ?? ?? Michael Smith Page 1 of 7 ...read more.

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