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things to do in Naple

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NAPLES The city I have decided to organise a trip is to Naples because I think this city has lots of things to do, to see and you can wander around without a map without being lost. So, have you ever longed to visit Naples, this is your chance! I am sure you will have unforgettable experience. History: Naples was founded by the Greeks and built by the Romans and was given the name Neapolis, meaning new city it is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy where tourists can find many ancient things. It's rich in artistic, historical, and cultural traditions. It's where the pizza originated in the 18th century and is eaten. In addition it is rich in art history. It is a tourist town. ...read more.


* When you are tired of looking at building, you can sit in one of Naples's beautiful park. * If your first language is English you could go to the English church in Naples, religion plays a very important role in most people's lives. * If you didn't go to see the Mused Archeologoco Nazionale, don't say that you went to Naples. Timetable of things to do for one week Day Morning Afternoon Evening Day 1 Leaving London Arriving Paris Leaving Paris Day 2 Arriving Rome, leaving Rome, arriving Naples Staying in hotel Going to hotel's club Day 3 Visiting The ruins of Pompeii Going to see San Lorenzo Maggiore a large gothic church Going out to eat the best Pizza in the world in restaurant (6) ...read more.


This is timetable for the train. Out: Train times London ?Paris? Rome? Naples Leave/time Arrive/time Leave/time Arrive/time Leave/time Arrive/time London 12:09 Paris 15:59 Paris 19:06 Rome 09:50. Rome 10:45 Naples 12:30 Waterloo Gare du Nord Gare du Nord Stazione Termini Stazione Termini Naples Centrale Return: Train times Naples? Rome ? Paris ? London Leave/time Arrive/time Leave/time Arrive/time Leave/time Arrive/time Naples 15:30 Rome 17:16 Rome 18:40 Paris 09:10 Paris 11:13 London 12:57 Naples Centrale Stazione Termini Stazione Termini Gare du Nord Gare du Nord Waterloo Date Out Data return time price time price 30/11 14:50- 18:35 �38.49 09/12 20:30-22:25 �25.09 01/12 14:35-18:20 �36.99 10/12 19:10-21:05 �22.99 02/12 16:15-20:00 �42.99 11/12 19:10-21:05 �12.99 Accommodation: Naples has a vast number of hotels and other accommodation options on offer while you are staying there even camp sites in Naples have swimming pool, restaurant and supermarket like hotels. They are graded according to star system. ...read more.

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