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this can be done by starting up Microsoft Access and then selecting the existing database and opening

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G2: Using the System Section G - User Documentation To use the system it must first be opened, this can be done by starting up Microsoft Access and then selecting the existing database and opening it. Then you will be presented with this screen. Here you can select to go on a Table, Query, Form, Report etc. The highlighted box is Customer Database, when this is clicked you will get a table like this: G3: Using the System Section G - User Documentation To put new customer information in, you just put the desired data in to the row with auto number at the beginning. You can also do this by using a form. To get on the on the form section you just click on "Forms" under "Objects" in the main menu (shown on page with black arrow) and click on the customer database form. ...read more.


For example you can go the form design view looks like this: G4: Using the System Section G - User Documentation Sometimes you may want to search for a certain customer by just one detail, there are various ways you can do that like filtering. On both tables and forms, you will be displayed with this icon in the form view menu. This is used to filter by selection. When you click on this you should get a blank table with a drop down menu from the field you have selected like this with the table format: Once you click on the arrow pointing down on the field you will be presented with a drop down list of all the customers for that certain field, for example if I select Customer ID: Then you select the particular detail you want of the customer in the example I have selected 7. ...read more.


In the sort row you can select whether you want the results ascending or descending. The show boxes just mean if you wan them to appear on the results. The main section here is the criteria. Here you can type in any detail of a certain customer under the right field name. If you want results for more than one customer you fill in the correct details in the blank boxes. Here I have written Birmingham and London in the query box: Then I select Run Query and I am returned with the results: G6: Using the System Section G - User Documentation The results are of all the people from a "London" or "Birmingham" location. You can fill in more details in the criteria of other fields if you want as well. Throughout the use of the database you will be presented with many icons including: - Used to save the database. - Used to open a database. - Print preview the database. - Print a table, query, form, report etc. - Sort data ascending. - Sort data descending. - Properties. ...read more.

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