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This is a report on the uses of I.C.T in Trionic Ltd.

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GCSE ICT COURSEWORK. REPORT ON WORK EXPERIENCE ORGANISATION By; Thomas Mann Introduction This is a report on the uses of I.C.T in Trionic Ltd. They do not currently have an I.C.T system employed within the company, so I cannot report upon the system. However I will write a report on what I.C.T they do use and will include my own particular opinions on where they should have more I.C.T used. Trionic Ltd: Company Details: - The main business of my work experience organisation is the repair of computers and cash registers; it also sells goods to customers, and makes concept keyboards for cash registers and also programmes them. The company is based in one building, located at 10 Landress Lane. They have 3 staff currently working for them, Nigel Patemen, the owner, Chris Wrey, the computer technician and Anne Guttridge, the secretary. The company consists of 2 departments, communications (front desk), this deals with the telephone, and writing invoices etc. on the typewriter, Anne also deals with finances, and makes sure customers pay what they owe. The other departments are repair, purchasing and sales all located in the workroom, this department repairs computers brought in and also cash registers, it also uses the only computer in the ...read more.


If there were any suspicious goings on so to speak, they would check the video. The videotapes are re-used again and again. Burglar Alarms, The burglar alarm system comprises of 2 movement sensors and a sound sensor, the motion sensors are located in the main entrance, and the sound sensor is located in the main office. The alarm can be reset via use of a 9-digit keypad. When the correct code is pushed in the alarm will turn off or on. Purchasing, They log on to the internet and visit their suppliers website, they order goods off here, paying using the company's credit card number if cannot find what they need on this website, they visit other sites, e.g. overclockers.com. E-Mailing Customers, When a customer wishes to contact them via e-mail, or they wish to contact a customer via e-mail, they use the company's email address. This is a fast and cost-saving way to keep in contact with customers. They can include pictures of products and specifications in the e-mail, as they could not look at pictures over the phone and if there is a large amount of information e.g. ...read more.


E.g. U.S.B. Connections, hard drives etc. They could then also have a re-order level to help them decide when stock should be re-ordered, this would be a quick and easy process, as soon as they sell an item of stock they could record this on the computer, and use an 'IF' formula to warn them that stock level is low. They should also store this information not only on a current hard-drive, but they should back-up on a removable storage device, e.g. a re-writeable CD or a floppy disk. They could use graphics packages to improve their advertising, to make it more attractive and more eye-catching for potential customers, their current advertising leaflet is small and bland, it is printed in black and white and it will not appeal to customers. If they were to use graphics software they could create bold A4 size posters, to display the latest offers in a more attractive manner. They could also create a company web site, to attract more customers. On this site they could list various offers, prices, their address, their e-mail address, and other information that would enable them to improve the size and popularity of their company. Thomas Mann 11.0 ...read more.

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