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This is precisely the problem facing Dubai English School. Dubai English School is now a highly reputed school and was first started in 1978. Since then the number of students and teachers have grown from a few handful to thousands.

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DUBAI ENGLISH SCHOOL In today's world, the policy of bigger is better certainly does apply to all companies and institutions. However any company or institution would always have a large amount of data, which has to be stored and categorized properly. Failure to categorise data would eventually lead to a lot of confusion and problems and this would then lead to the inefficient running of the company. This is precisely the problem facing Dubai English School. Dubai English School is now a highly reputed school and was first started in 1978. Since then the number of students and teachers have grown from a few handful to thousands. With the coming of every academic year, hundreds of students apply for a chance to be admitted. As a large school, Dubai English School has a responsibility of handling vast amounts of data. This would include records of all its thousands of students to the date of birth of a teacher. Every single record has to be stored. However data handling has come a long way. Some firms prefer doing it the old fashioned way with files and filing cabinets and some companies prefer using registers and just writing everything down and a minority of the companies today actually use a computer to store programs. Dubai English School currently store all their records in files and these files are then locked in a filing cabinet. Dubai English School being a reputed school in the region receives no forms of stiff competition from other schools. This means that a vast majority of the children in Dubai come to this school, which means more records. However it is a common known fact that however easy it is to store files in a cabinet it is not very easy to actually refer to them. This is precisely the problem facing Dubai English School. Dubai English School although being at the forefront of education is not very technologically advanced. ...read more.


Only if there is the employment of a new staff worker or there is a change in a data item in a record will the file be updated. This ends my analysis of the working of the administration of Dubai English School. The next sector, which I have to inspect, is the academic sector, which is where the majority of the data comes from. The main process, which takes place in the academic sector, is the handling of student records. At the start of each scholastic year for Dubai English, all the student records have to be updated because there is a change in the class of the student. Therefore new student forms have to be written out by the administration and this is very time consuming, as thousands of forms have to be written out again just because the class of the student has to be changed. These new forms are then filed. There are separate files for girls and boys and a file for juniors and seniors. In all there are four files, which contain the student details. The senior boys file, the senior girls file, the junior boys file and the junior girls file. Along with the new forms, which have been written out for the current students, the new forms of the newly admitted students are also filed along with them. All the old forms have to be discarded. That means every year not only is there a waste of paper but also a waste of time. After the academic year starts, the school also records all the academic performances of each and every student based on the entries in the teacher's mark register and also based on the report card of a student. The marks of each student are stored along with their details in the same student file. The school also keeps track of the attendance of an individual student and this too is stored in the student's file. ...read more.


All of these features can be accessed with a few clicks of the mouse and the typing in of a few simple commands. This robust software is precisely the reason why I chose the Microsoft Office package. MS Access is well equipped to help me solve the problem at Dubai English School. However the Office package comes with other software as well. However I will not be making extensive use of this software. I will not be making use of MS Word because Word is a word processor and is more suited for producing documents, which I will not be dealing with here. Excel is another piece of software, which I will not be using. MS Excel is a spreadsheet program and is basically used for financial handling of data. If I was dealing with the Accounts department of the school then I would have made use of this software. However just because I am not making use of these software doesn't mean that they are useless. Since each of these software are from the same company and are from the same version of 2000 this makes it very easy to import data with each software. Therefore if I was king a report with illustrations of the performances of the senior boys compared with the senior girls, I would get the data, which in this case is the marks from Access which would be imported to Word. Next I would use Excel and create a pie chart to represent the data. Then with a little re arranging and a few additions a report can be made on MS Word by using Access. Although Access has a report feature it doesn't allow you to create your own diagrams. This is what makes the Office package so useful. Therefore by using MS Access I hope to organize Dubai English School' data in a more logical manner making it easier foe reference and processing. The solution to this problem faced by Dubai English School is shown in the next section of my coursework. ...read more.

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