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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4549

This project involves creating a system based on a problem identified in a specific business. I have selected a video store, for which I shall produce a system to help it to organise some aspects which the business finds difficult to handle.

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Introduction IT Coursework: Project 2 This project involves creating a system based on a problem identified in a specific business. I have selected a video store, for which I shall produce a system to help it to organise some aspects which the business finds difficult to handle. My task is to choose two aspects from a variety of choices and implement the steps required to build a system for those aspects. Therefore I must collect data regarding those aspects and identify a problem with handling them manually, so that the system has a determined purpose. To produce a system, a common procedure is usually followed. They are summarised by 5 headings. The following information cover the major steps followed whilst constructing a system: * Analysis: 1. Problem identification 2. Data collection methods 3. User requirements 4. Identification of inputs, outputs and processing * Design: 1. Designs for the data structure 2. Designs for user interface 3. Designs of the output formats 4. Software and hardware requirements * Implementation: 1. Implementation of data structure 2. Implementation of input and output formats 3. Combination of software features 4. Production of a user guide * Testing: 1. Description of testing 2. Description of results * Evaluation To help me along my task, I have decided to produce a detailed plan which basically captures all the above tasks but places them in time slots to meet the time limit assigned. Plan Task Time Deliverable delivered 1. Produce a plan Week 2 1. Plan 2. Complete analysis phase: 2. Introduction identify aspects for which a system is to be made 3. Interview results do interview with the owner of the video-rental store and find Week4 1. User requirements out the necessary information(i.e. attributes, user requirements 2. Problem identification. problem identification) 3. Identification of inputs, outputs and identify input, output and processing processing. 3. Complete design phase: Week 6 1. ...read more.


However there must be a procedure to get from the inputs to the required outputs and a form in which the outputs are presented to the user so that he/she may verbally or in any other way give the information desired to the customer. The way I shall do this is by using Queries from Microsoft Access, rather than using any other software for various reasons (mentioned in the Design Phase comparing the software with other alternatives). Queries allows the user to input the information gained from the customer or any other source, select the wanted criterion and thus get final results in table form. The steps taken to get from the inputs to the outputs (i.e. using Query) is known as process. The business, alternatively, occasionally may require some information about their customers. Therefore I shall input some business queries also and get some outputs just as a means of testing the system. Data Collection Sheet Videocassette Details: Source Data Internet (www.Blockbuster.com) Title, price, theme, cast and catalogue of videocassettes other info., age rating Made up Quantity Reference number Title Price (for renting for one day) Theme Other Information Age rating Cast Quantity 1 Seabiscuit �2.00 Drama None PG Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper 20 2 Freaky Friday �1.50 Comedy, Fantasy Adult Situations PG Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan, Mark Harmon 20 3 Bad Boys 2 �2.00 Action, comedy None 15 Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Jordi Moll� 20 4 How to deal �2.00 Comedy Drama Adult language 12 Mandy Moore, Allison Janney, Trent Ford 20 5 Anger Management �1.50 Comedy Adult humour 12 Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson, Marisa Tomei 20 6 Charlies Angels �2.00 Action, comedy Violence 12 Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu 20 7 Shrek 2 �2.00 Fantasy None U Mike Myers, Julie Andrews, John Lithgow 20 8 Alien �1.50 Science fiction Graphic violence 18 Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Yaphet Kotto 20 9 The Grinch �2.00 Comedy Adult humour PG Jim Carrey, Jeffrey Tambor, Christine Baranski 20 10 The Sixth ...read more.


A form is easier and nicer to look at. * Query: the replies to questions are displayed in a certain form. The table My table will look like a simple grid: The following are sketches of what the actual one would look like (done in Paint). Videocassettes: Customers: Forms When making a form there is a series of choices given by the form wizard leading to a final design. They are described as follows: 1. Layout * Tabular * Columnar * Datasheet * Justified Do not apply to * Pivot table * Pivot chart 2. Style: * Blends * Blueprint * Expedition * Industrial * International * Rice paper * Sandstone * Standard * Stone * Sumi Painting 3. Features: * Record navigation * Record operations * Form operations * Report operations * Application * Miscellaneous I have decided to have the same layout, style and features in both the forms so that the task is kept constant. For the designs I will just show the customer form as an example rather that showing both. 1. Choice of Layout (either tabular, columnar or datasheet): The following are sketches of what the actual one would look like (done in Paint). Columnar: Tabular: Datasheet: I have chosen columnar for the following reasons: * Columnar shows only one record at a time which is easier and nicer to look at * The other layouts are almost identical to the table so there wouldn't really be much of a difference if the other layouts were used. 2. Style: Most of the styles are either plain or have a single colour with varying textures. I do not think this would be suitable because a single colour isn't very attractive. However the style named "International" is very attractive because it shows the picture of the globe in different colours which I prefer. 3. Features: There are many features which can be placed besides the form. The table shows the features I wish to place and why: Feature IT Coursework ...read more.

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