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This project will aim to solve the information handling problems of Mario's Game and Video Masters Rentals.

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This project will aim to solve the information handling problems of Mario's Game and Video Masters Rentals. Mario's Game and Video Masters Rentals is a rental store that rents videos, games, and now DVD's (newly added) and is run by a man named Mario Anderson. To provide these services information is collected and stored about the items, and the members. Information about each member is written on a card, which is then put in to a card index box, which is sorted out by the member surname, then forename, then member number. Information about the items is put onto a card, which is then put in its case. After each day, a shop assistant writes loans list of all the items that have been rented out, along with the member number and video number, and name. What happens in Normal circumstances? When a member wants to rent out a copy, the customer must take it from an empty case from the shelf with the item card inside it. When he/she hands it into the counter, the shop assistant takes the card out and looks at the video number, and then takes the member number from the customer. If the member has lost their membership card, then they must pay a fee of �2.00, and will receive a new card. ...read more.


A member's card or an item card could be misplaced and could take a lot of time to find It is very time consuming when a shop assistant must look through the loan lists and write the reminder letters. When customers ask the staff whether a particular title is available, the staff will not be able to know it unless they have a particularly good memory. How could Mr Anderson solve the information-handling problems? Mr Anderson could solve their information handling problems by using a filing cabinet to store their information about members and items using detail cards. The advantage of this system is that much more information can be stored using this system. But the disadvantages are that these could be misplaced, lost or damaged, just like the existing system. Unauthorised people can take some records. It would also be quite time consuming. Another way of solving the problems would be to use a computer to store information about members, rentals, and items. The advantages of this system are that it can store a lot of data in a small space, searches through it very quickly. But computers can be quite expensive. There are two ways a computer can be used. You could write a program to solve all the information-handling problems, but I do not know how to write programs on the computer and it is very expensive to pay a programmer and it would be time-consuming. ...read more.


* Produce reminder letters to members with overdue items. The following criteria will be used to evaluate the success of the new system: * The system must be able to store at least 10 member records * The system must be able to store at least 20 item records * The system must be able to store at least 10 rental records * It must take no longer than 30 seconds to find and display a rental, item or loan record. * It must take no longer than two minutes to answer customer's enquiries by entering search criteria and finding matching item * It must take no more than one minute to find and delete a member, item or rental record * It must take no more than two minutes to find and edit a member, item or rental record * It must take no more than two minutes to create a new member, item or rental record * On-screen data entry forms must be clearly laid out to make data entry easy * On-screen data entry forms must use automatic data validation to reduce data error on input * It must take no longer than 5 minutes to search for members with overdue video and produce a summary report * Reminder letters to customers with overdue videos should be clearly laid out and include all the details of the videos that need to be returned. Viren Shah LVM GCSE Access Coursework Project ...read more.

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