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This report is to research how ICT affects people's lives at home.

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Unit 3 This report is to research how ICT affects people's lives at home. These vary from the most obvious and the less obvious. These are in different categories like entertainment, education and technology that help people to do everyday tasks. Technology has developed a lot over the last 10-15 years. The improvements made through technology are magnificent. The reason why technology development has been so successful is that people are backing the developments. People are welcoming technology because it makes their every day tasks easier and more time efficient. One of the fastest growing technology is the Internet. The Internet covers entertainment and education, communication and also everyday chores like shopping. Before the Internet was formed people had to go to libraries and find other sources of information, this was time consuming and a lot of times people didn't get the information they wanted. With the Internet it's like having all the sources of information in a box. The Personal Computer (PC) is used to do work, research and for entertainment. The PC allows us to do work and it also stores information and record for us. The Internet is also a good way to communicate with people using chat rooms and email. ...read more.


At home I have got a lot of ICT facilities that makes my ordinary everyday life a lot easier and a bit more enjoyable. Some of the equipment we take for granted improve our standard of life better and reduces the physical workload. One example is the dishwasher; this cleans our dirty dishes on the push of a button. This reduces the hassle of hand washing the dishes and therefore reduces the time you spend doing chores. The dishwasher is an excellent way to clean your dishes because it can clean a lot of them at the same time. In catering businesses like restaurants they rely on dishwashers to help them shorten the workload. The bad thing about dishwashers is that they use a lot of electricity power to run them and the also need to get repaired or service if they fail to function and the servicing is very expensive. Another good contraption that reduces time spent on chores is the vacuum cleaner normally known as the Hoover. This technology has been around for a while now but is being improved every time. They have managed to improve suction and they have also managed to reduce the electricity power needed to run it. ...read more.


There is a technology that has been created to be used with the TV. This technology is the DVD/DVD player. Since the beginning of the 90s technology developers have been trying to make a smaller more compact version of the videotape. Then they came up with the idea of a compact disc, which would then be aptly named a DVD. This technology provides entertainment to you at the best quality possible in your own home. It's a better version of a VCR. The disc was smaller and it had easy scene location unlike the videotape you could actually go to the exact scene you wanted at the push of a button. The DVD has cinema quality display so this saves you time and money spent on visiting the cinemas. I personally use DVDs because of their picture quality. They are a great technology because they are easy to get hold of and are cheap to buy. Technology has had a boom over the past few years and most of the new technologies have managed to satisfy any customer needs. As new technologies emerge they are getting cheaper and better. So the way I see it technology is good because of its services and also its price. ICT Victor Asiasi Unit 3 10p ...read more.

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