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This report looks at how ICT has impacted the way I do things at home and at school.

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The impact of ICT on the way I do things at home and at school/college. Ben walker 10c This report looks at how ICT has impacted the way I do things at home and at school. When I was planning how to investigate how ICT has had an impact on the way I do things at home and at school I decided to write everything I did down in my rough book for two days. I then analysed if ICT had any part to play in the various events. Below is a report on my findings: SOCIAL/PERSONAL ICT USE SMS SENDING TEXT MESSAGES TO MATES MOBILE RINGING PARENTS FOR LIFT HOME TELETEXT FINDING CINEMA TIMES DVD WATCHING/INTERACTING WITH A FILM TV WATCHING DIGITAL TV COMPUTER PLAYING GAMES ON THE INTERNET COMPUTER SENDING EMAILS DIGITAL CLOCK/RADIO WAKING UP IN THE MORNINGS COMPUTER EMAILING WORK TO SCHOOL FOR TOMORROW DIGITAL CAMERA TOOK PHOTOS OF MY DOG AND SENT THEM VIA EMAIL TO MY SISTER AT UNIVERSITY GAMES CONSOLE ( PLAYED FIFA 2002 WITH LITTLE BROTHER TOUCHSCREEN AT ARGOS TO CHECK IF THEY HAD AN ITEM IN STOCK COMPUTER RECORD MP3 FILES FOR MY ...read more.


SOCIAL/PERSONAL SMS (SIMPLE MESSAGE SERVICE) I use SMS quite often. My phone has fast text so I can quickly and easily send messages. I find it great and use it loads - my Dad thinks I am solely responsible for T-Mobiles brilliant performance in the FTSE 100. I can send my parents a text message letting them know where I am and what time I will be home. I often use it if I get invited to a friends' house for tea unexpectedly. I just text my Dad and he doesn't have a fit, which is much better for his health. I text my Sister who is at Uni. It is a great way of keeping in touch. I text my mates if I can't remember my homework or can't do it. It is much cheaper and easier to text message my mates about going out. I can send the same message to several people if I need to. I can use my phone in the middle of the night if I turn the delivery noise off. The only downside of SMS is the cost. It costs me 12p per text message. ...read more.


I use it a lot at the weekend to watch films. I can also use it to write word documents for my dad's work as it has computer capabilities. TELEVISION The television has to be one of the greatest inventions ever. Everybody has them and they are so easy to use. As technology grows televisions are becoming more advanced with such things as SKY Digital viewing. I use the television every day and I can use digital television for a whole number of purposes. With digital viewing I can play games, e-mail my friends or even shop. At school we can watch programmes of valuable education for our benefit. COMPUTER For social and personal use the computer is brilliant. I often play games on it or I can play music on it. I can also use it to help my father with his business paper work. The only thing I really don't like about it is it can be very complicated and often it crashes and with me not being a computer wizard, I have difficulty sorting it out. DIGITAL CLOCK My digital clock is great; it wakes me up every morning 365 days a year. The batteries seem to last for an eternity, which is great value for money. ...read more.

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