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Types of computer systems - Notebooks (Laptops) These are little, light and simple to carry around.

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Task 1- Computer Systems Types of computer systems Super computers are the fastest computers and the most expensive computer in the world; these are at least 100 millions pounds. They are mainly used for superior scientific investigations, weather forecasting or advanced engineering applications Mainframe computers can contain massive amounts of data and are capable of processing them. Large utility companies such as gas suppliers and banks etc would these computers to save masses of data in it. ...read more.


The only disadvantage is that it takes up lots of space and is not easily moved. Notebooks (Laptops) These are little, light and simple to carry around. You open it by his hinges and has a screen on its inside, keyboard and mouse controls. These are really expensive because of their processing power and you cannot use standard expansion cards. Keyboards and screens not as good for extended usage. They are designed to run on rechargeable batteries or the mains and can contain many of the description available on a desktop computer. ...read more.


Many now have email facilities and even spreadsheets and databases. They either use a little keyboard or a touch-sensitive screen and writing recognition software. They can be linked to larger computers straight by cable or through a docking station or using an infrared link. These are relatively expensive, limited expansion; non-keyboard versions can be slow to input data. Embedded computers have a vast number of modern devices contain some figure of built-in computer. Examples include: washing machines; camera, hi-fi systems; telephones; microwave ovens; missiles. The inputs are usually sensors so a keyboard may not be needed. The outputs are usually simple displays or motors and relays to control something. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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