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Understudied relationships electronic friendships (e.g. relationships formed on the Internet).

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'Understudied' relationships' 'electronic' friendships (e.g. relationships formed on the Internet). INTRODUCTION This is clearly a fascinating new area of research for social psychologists where study can be carried out through participant observation and on-line questionnaires. The concept of "electronic friendships" refers to all interpersonal contacts through the medium of the internet. The three main sources are email, usenets and chat rooms. EMAIL Email, or electronic mail, is a way of writing a message an, instead of posting it, you send via the internet to another person's postbox, where it awaits collection by the recipient. This means one can collect an email anywhere one has access to a computer. How does amail differ from other forms of communication? ...read more.


But most people don't and therefore we use nonverbal signals as a means of knowing what someone really means, especially the emotional content of their message. For business contacts the lack of paralanguage would appear to make email an ideal form of communication, though there is a difficulty of misunderstandings. You may think you have expressed yourself clearly but another person may take a different meaning from your words. Had the words been spoken, you might have accompanied them with subtle cues that aided interpretation. New forms of email communication such as emoticons and fasgrolia have developed in electronic communications so that the messages can have an emotional content and also as a means of creating a social group identity, (for examples of these see your textbook on page 89). ...read more.


The word "room" is used to promote the metaphor that you are actually speaking with someone as if in the same room. Chats can take place among a large group, or individuals can go off on their own for private chats. Much of the focus is ultimately on romantic relationships and erotic encounters. Branwyn (1993) quoted by Deuel (1996) explains that "Compu-sex enthusiasts say it's the ultimate safe sex for the 1990's , with no exchange of bodily fluids, no loud smoke-filled clubs, and no morning after. People often continue real-time relationships when face to face contact is not possible. The appealing nature of such relationships can be explained in terms of the ACE model (anonymity, convenience and escape). The danger is that affairs may be founded on untruths and vulnerable individuals may be seduced emotionally and sexually. ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite basic. The student has identified an issue, although there haven't really spent alot of time assessing the benefits/drawbacks of the internet on forming relationships with people on-line. In addition, there is no case studies/real ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite basic. The student has identified an issue, although there haven't really spent alot of time assessing the benefits/drawbacks of the internet on forming relationships with people on-line. In addition, there is no case studies/real examples. The student has recognised that the use of the internet, by a way of forming relationships with people is being understudied. This is correct, and this shows a good understanding of the internet and how this is effecting people's life's. The section 'USENETS' doesn't include the ability that the majority of users have on forums with posting 'Anonymously'. This would allow a person to insult another member, without actually putting the person who is attracting the user. This could cause a number of issues, and should be included within the report as an major drawback.

Level of analysis

The report doesn't have any real examples/case studies within the report. This is necessary, as this links the student's background understanding to a commercial environment. Any such case studies/real examples would gain the student high marks, as there have placed their knowledge to a real situation. The section 'Chat Rooms' is quite brief, and this isn't in-depth. The student would need to disuses this in further detail to acquire high marks.

Quality of writing

The report states the term 'E-Mail', and the technical term is explained well. However the description states an 'recipient', and this may slightly confuse the examiner. An 'recipient' is the person who you have sent the letter/e-mail to. This isn't mentioned within the report.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 02/03/2012

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