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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2206

Unit 1 Using ICT to Present Information

Extracts from this document...


Unit 1 Using ICT to Present Information P1 describe the structure and purpose of different documents, one from each document type (Invoice, Newsletter, Diagram, Advertisement, Presentation and creative writing document). Document Invoice Document Type Short Formal Description A document used to state the cost of a payment required. Example Location of Document h:\My Documents\Year 10\BTEC ICT\Unit One\Invoice Good Points It has a logo. It is clear, quite large writing. The payment requested is in bold to enable it to stand out. It shows which company the letter is coming from by the logo and name next to the logo. Bad Points Writing may be too big. Looks slightly unprofessional. Structure and items found on basic document The top states clearly that it is an invoice. The logo is at the top next to the address of the company so it is straightforward where the invoice has come from. The date and number of the invoice are show below the companies address. Just opposite the Invoice number is the clients address. . Below is the table stating what payment is required for what particular service, the total payment required is show at the bottom of the chart. Included in this document is the customers address, the companies address, the date the payment is required and the total cost of the payment Audience Type This document is directed at people who are paying outstanding bills. ...read more.


Pictures or information is accessed from all over the web and brought to you easily. Sometimes it is difficult to obtain the information required. Intranets Astley Community High School Intranet. Information created by teachers to help you revise or complete coursework. Generally it is easy to get the information you need for your work. A lot of the time the right information isn't there or it isn't in depth enough. E-mails/Texting Mobile phones Text, graphics, videos, communication. Makes it easy to contact your friends or family and have music whenever you want it. Some phones cost a lot of money to buy or contract phones go over bills. Message Boards www.livejournal.com Information about a certain event or task. Information about events that are about to take place. Its not always the right information. Newspapers News Post Leader Information about events and news in your local area. Find out what is happening locally and sometimes nationally. Tends to be bias or not fully truthful information. Magazines Chat. Take a break. Reality stories about traumatic events that have taken place in others lives. Interesting and gives advice on sorting out problems in your life from Jeremy Kyle. Doesn't always have accounts that can help you. ...read more.


Template 1 Template 2 D2 review a complex document and justify choice of tools and techniques in terms of the effectiveness of communication to the defined audience. Using the Premier League table that you created in M2, write a report reviewing the document, make sure to include the following headings; The purpose of this document is for it to inform readers the teams scores and points throughout the season. The document shows the number of teams that have taken part as well as the amount of games played, how many wins, draws and loses there were and how many goals for and against each team there was and the difference between the goals and points. The tools I used were font change, font size, font color, bold, italics, underline, numbers, background colors and alignment. The good features the document has is that it has used a bold bright colors with an easy to read font and its layout is clear and easy to understand. The bad features in the document are that the document would have looked more impressive if a larger range of colors had been used. It also could have been more formal and had bigger, bolder headlines that stand out more and are clear and easy to read. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Samantha Stephenson Candidate No. Centre No. 39063 1 of 26 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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